Econemy of The 2000's

By: Aliceson Byrd


The prices for many things have gone up in price because they have gotten better. This includes things such as gas, popular toys (as they have gotten more popular), phones/electronics, doctor visits, plane tickets, food and many other things. This has effected Americans and the econemy by spending money and buying things has made ecinomics go up dramaticly.


The contruction of houses has made people buy bigger and better houses witch is spending money witch make the econemy better. But in early 2000's had a house construction crisis. This was wen a lot of people had houses and no one needed a house so constuction workers wern't making much money. Now there are a lot of construction of buidings for companies. These days there are more companies than I can count and a lot more came out in the 2000's because theres a lot more things that people can do with all the electronics than in the past when we didn't have a lot of things to help.

2000's Econemy

I would like to discribe the 2000's econemy as crazy, because you can never predict what was going to happen at one point in the 2000's we had a mini depression. I think its