North Side Family Flyer

September 2020

Fresh Air and Physical Activity Does the Mind and Body Good!

Now that students are back in school, they are required to sit for longer periods of time and concentrate on school. This is difficult for most children. Teachers do a great job at providing the children with multiple "brain beaks" that involve movement, but is that enough?

You can help at home! Incorporate daily activity into your evening, this could include going for a walk or bike ride as a family. Maybe you decide to play catch with your child or allow them to jump on the trampoline or go to the park with a friend. There are so many ways for our students to be active each evening and if it can be outside in the fresh air, that is EVEN BETTER!!!

I know what you are thinking, they want to play on the IPAD or their phone or watch tv..........this is the same in my house! Let's all take advantage of the nice weather and limit the screen time and push them to BE ACTIVE and GET OUTSIDE. Being active is HEALTHY for our children and we all want our kiddos to be healthy! They will grumble and maybe even tell us that you we are mean, but they will get past it, I promise!

I would like to flood our Facebook page with pictures of our North Side kiddos outdoors being active this month! Please e-mail me pictures of your children outside doing "their thing" to

I can't wait to see these GREAT PICTURES!!!!

Stephanie Leasure


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Information From Our North Side Office Staff:

1. Please remember that our school is not open to visitors, please call if you need to come to the building and schedule an appointment to do so.

2. If your child is ill, please call our office and let us know by 9 a.m. if at all possible. Our office number is (260) 347-1354. If you believe the illness is Covid related, please ask to speak with Nurse Whitney.

3. Please contact the office by 1:30 p.m. if you need to make changes to your child's transportation home for the day. We cannot guarantee the changes when you call after 1:30 p.m. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THIS!

4. If your child is a car rider, please make sure to use your car tags each day.

5. If you need to change your child's bus or start bus transportation, please follow these steps:

Bus Change or Start Up Requests

If you need to change your bus location, please go to the North Side website,, and follow these directions:

Click on the "Menu" at the top of the home page. Click the “For Families” tab and then the "Transportation" tab. When the drop down menu appears, you will see a link called “Transportation Change Request.” When you click that link, you will be taken to a form that you can fill out and submit electronically. It will notify transportation via email that a request has been submitted and they will begin working on fulfilling the request. Once arrangements have been made and confirmed with drivers, transportation will communicate the arrangements to parents.

Great experience for your child - September 26th, Lemonade Day

Help your child become an entrepreneur!!! Read the flyer below for more information. Click on the link below to register. Send your confirmation to me at school and I will give your child their Lemonade Day back pack.

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We are looking for more parents to join our North Side PTO this year. This is a great year to ease your way we can't plan events at the moment. If you are interested, please e-mail Stephanie Leasure at



Doors Open/Breakfast – 8:15

(Grab-n-Go Breakfast if arrive after 8:35)

School Starts - 8:45

School Ends - 2:40 (bell rings)

Tuesday - Friday

Doors Open/Breakfast – 7:30

(Grab-n-Go Breakfast if arrive after 7:50)

School Starts – 8:00

School Ends – 2:40 (bell rings)

Cafeteria News

We are honored to serve both breakfast and lunch to our students! Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m. each day. Our students should eat breakfast (at home or school) in order to focus and learn in the classrooms! We take pride in supporting their nutrition!

For our lunch menu, download the East Noble app below. Click on the school in the top right corner and tap on North Side. Once on North Side's page, tap the 3 lines at the top left corner and touch "dining" and you will find our lunch menu for each day of that week.

Breakfast Cost: $1.65

Lunch Cost: $2.55

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Have you downloaded our district app? It gives you access to information, events and schedules for all buildings!



Please continue to call the school when your child(ren) are ill. If you do not think it is Covid related, but symptoms are similar, please take them to the doctor and bring us a doctor's note releasing them back to school. You may call the school at any hour to report absences, the school number is (260) 347-1354, please leave us a message. Make sure to include your name, your child's name and reason for their absence.

Please know that attendance is important and if illness is not the case, we do expect students to be in school . Please plan accordingly and make sure to have your child(ren) to school on time (8:45 on Mondays; Tuesdays through Fridays at 8:00) and try your best to schedule appointments around the school day.

For those families participating in online learning, attendance is very important. Students are expected to participate in learning every day. If they do not turn in assignments and participate in live streaming, they are considered absent. Please remember that you signed an online agreement to do your part in making sure your child is engaged and completing school work and turning that work into the teacher. If you have questions about this, please call Mrs. Leasure or Mr. Perlich.


Our first fire drill was a success. We will hold another fire drill during the month of September. Again, not all students will exit the building during the drill, but all students will discuss and learn about fire drills and the importance.

If you have any questions about fire drills, tornado drills, lock downs or anything pertaining to safety, please contact the school and ask to speak with Mr. Perlich.

This year, the school building is locked. Please remember to call the school before coming to the building. We can come outside to pick something up or bring something to you if you schedule it with us. Thank you for understanding and continuing to work with us!

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Please consider signing up. Help earn cash for North Side, sign-up at today!

Counseling Corner with Miss Headley:

I am excited to share that I will be visiting classrooms starting this month! Our focus area for September is "bullying." Students will learn what bullying is and what it is not, how it makes people feel and how they can stand up to bullying. Lessons will be grade level appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or e-mail.

I am also available to support students with other needs. Please reach out if you have any concerns for your child's social and emotional needs. You may call the school at (260) 347-1354 or e-mail me at

I am here to help!

Nurses Corner:

Please continue to check for Covid symptoms each day before sending your child(ren) to school. Please keep them home if they have developed any of those symptoms and call to notify us of those changes. We all must do our part to help stop the spread of Covid.

Symptoms include (usually they have more than one):

Fever of 100.4 or higher by mouth

Sore throat

New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing (for students with chronic allergic/asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline)

Diarrhea, Vomiting or Abdominal Pain

New Onset of Severe Headache, especially with fever

Loss of Taste or Smell

Please notice that some of the symptoms have changed and some have been removed, this is updated from the CDC on 8/25/20.

Please contact Nurse Whitney if you have any questions or concerns.

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Please collect Box Tops and send into school in a baggie or join the online Box Top App and scan your receipts

Upcoming North Side Events:

Friday, September 4th - North Side SPIRIT DAY - wear your NS or EN gear or colors

Parent/Teacher Conferences - During week of September 14th - 18th (TBD)

College Go Week - September 21st - 25th, information coming soon

Friday, September 25th - Student E-LEARNING Day/ Staff PD Day