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Vol.1 Issue 1: April 9, 2020

Tips, tricks, and resources you may want to use or share with your classes. All newsletters, along with other fabulous resources, will be housed on the Library website's Teacher Zone (feel free to bookmark it) ;)

Welcome to the Virtual Desk

The Library Desk is open!

I've made some adjustments to my schedule and am opening a Meets/Hangout from 9 am - 2 pm weekdays for teachers or students who need to stop by for help, just like they would during a "normal" day. The camera and microphone are muted unless someone comes in, but I'll be listening for the ding to come meet you. Just like the real library, sometimes I may have "stepped out" for a minute, but if you miss me try back again soon. Even if I'm in a meeting, I can pop over to let you know what time I'll be finished or mute the other meeting and help you really quickly (but honestly, most of my meetings are 2 pm or later anyway).

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR STUDENTS. They can use this link and the meets nickname is tmslibrarydesk. If they get a notice it's not one, make sure they know they should be going through their MISD portal to meet me.

This week's tip from the library- Recordings

So we're starting with a simple one. A lot of you are probably already familiar with Screencastify. This program allows you to record your entire screen or just a particular window, either with you (picture in picture) or without. You can use this to teach an entire lesson, create tutorials, or even do a read aloud for your students. The free version allows for 5 minute videos, but they have waived the upgrade fees for educators through the end of May (I think). Just be aware that if you fall in love with this tool and plan to use it again next year, you will have to pay to have longer videos. The videos you make automatically upload to your Google drive and can be easily shared in your Google Classroom. You can also upload them directly to your You Tube channel (the program will help you create one the first time if you don't have one).

Another option is to use Google Meets. For those of you using this app to meet with your students, did you know you can record your meetings and post them later in your Google Classroom for students who could not attend live The three dots on the right side of the menu bar (next to the present screen button) pull up an additional menu and the top option is to record the meeting. When you are finished and stop recording, it also uploads to your Google drive.

If you have any questions or would like me to help you practice, please email me or drop into the library at the link above.

Thinking about Research???

I've been working on a research slideshow for 7th Grade Science. It's lacking completion for Steps 5 and 6 (Monday's project), but it you are thinking about doing some research, these slides might be helpful in getting your students on the right track. I would suggest making a copy and deleting the slides you're not ready to use yet so it's not too overwhelming. Maybe keep the first slide so they connect it to the previous lessons and send out one step at a time (deleting the other steps in that copy). I would LOVE to join you on Google Meets if you plan to introduce this live with your kids and be there to answer any questions anyone has.

Technology Resources for Teachers

If you've missed some of the great staff development sessions the Instructional Technology Team has been putting together, they are recording and posting many of their "how to" sessions for everyone who couldn't make it.

Check out their page here

Upcoming Sessions can be found here

Google Meet: How to Keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Meet without You
How to Create Interactive Google Slides for Distance Learning + Grab FREE Choice Board Templates! ⬇️

Resources for Parents and Students.

If you have parents or students needing help with connecting online from home, Instructional Technology and the Help Desk have put together videos and links for help. Students and Parents can contact the stuhelpdesk@mesquiteisd.org or fill out the Distance Learning Assistance Request form

They can visit this page to access all of the videos and resources.

And Just for Fun...

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