Gregor Mendel Project

The Father of Modern Genetics

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a scientist who contributed to science in a huge way. He researched dominant and recessive traits in pea plants.

Early Years

Johann Greggor Mendel was a gifted child and and was sent to a boarding school. His family growing up was very poor, so he had to tutor other students in order to pay for school. He continued his high grades throughout college until he went to the Augustinian Monastery in Brno. He couldn't pass the very tough teaching exams there.

Experimental Design

He crossed different traits of pea plants and saw what the stronger trait between them were and what the patterns were. He used ratios and charts to keep it organized. He could determine the stronger traits and was able to predict the child plant would be.


Some of the data that came from the experiment was that the seed shape, pod color, and stem length, was all 3:1. Also, when he crossed plant that have always produced yellow peas with plants that always had green peas, all the new plants had yellow seeds. Of the 8,023 peas harvested and counted, 6,022 were yellow and the rest were green. From this data, he concluded, that yellow was more dominant was than the green.


Scientist kind of forgot about his work because they believed that what he discovered was already known about genetics. They were wrong.


He informed people about dominance and recessive traits. He was able to prove this with his yellow and green pea plants. Thanks to him, we are now able to determine which harmful hereditary diseases will be transferred and some different animal species coloration.


Dominant: Gene that will overpower another gene.

Example: The brown eye color in humans is dominant.

Recessive: Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.

Example: The blue eye color in humans is recessive.

Co-dominant: Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive.

Example: A pure-bred white-feathered chicken and a pure-bred black-feathered chicken breed and a mixed- feathered chick is produced is an example of co-dominance.


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