Abbey Michelle Duncan

Who I Am and How I Am Me


I am Abbey Duncan, and I have performance experience in over 13 instruments. My primary is the violin. I currently attend the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music pursuing a bachelors degree in Music Education! I aspire to help children find joy in unexpected places!

I love every aspect of music!

Shows...outreach departments...arts programs...ensembles...concerts...


VSCO Perf Abbey
What I will do is help children in their various journeys through life


I began the violin in second grade.

I knew the beginning of my Freshman Year of High School.


Penn Yan

Born, raised, and educated in this small town about 1.5 hours from Rochester NY. It is located between hills, the lake, and a plethora of farmland. Over half of the population in this area are Amish (or some under-ranking form of Amish). We are also world-known for our vineyards and wine trails. Only here, is the middle of nowhere, somewhere.


Music has offered me a great deal of comfort and support. It gave me a place to grow in life and a path to follow, not to mention inspiration and the chance to grow as a person. Why someone chooses to teach music can range from "I knew" or "by accident", but to be honest, there are no words to express "why" better than music itself. it is beyond words or doubt, but a harmonious collaboration of truth