Benton Weekly Update

Week 6: September 21-25, 2020

Feeling Overwhelmed?

School has been in session for 6 weeks now, and many students and families report being overwhelmed, stressed out, and in need of support. You are not alone! The school and district provide an array of supports for students and families. Here are just a few:

Benton Counseling Group on Schoology

Our school counselors, Dr. Sweney-Black and Mr. Arenzana, have created a Schoology Group with resources and information to help students. Their office hours are posted and students are asked to complete this survey.

Virtual Calming Room

Need a quick time out to destress and regroup? The Virtual Calming Room is accessible to all and provides visual relaxation, sounds & music, mindfulness activities, live animal cams, puzzles & games, healthy eating, hotlines, and more! You can visit it here.

Individual & Group Counseling

Sometimes students need a little more intensive support to overcome issues affecting them, whether it is trauma - divorce, death, abuse - or just coping with adolescence and middle school. By completing a confidential referral and consent form, our District Wellness Coordinators can match up your child's needs to a provider in the community or at school. Please contact Ms. Ridgeway for more information or complete the confidential referral and consent form here.

Grief Counseling Group Forming

Benton has secured the services of Ms. Alexandria Gutierrez, MSW, to provide counseling to Benton students. We know many of our students have experienced the loss of a loved one, and Benton is forming a group for Grief Counseling. Please contact Ms. Ridgeway if you know a student who would benefit from this group.

Other Counseling/Support needed?

Benton and NLMUSD are here for you. Additional hotlines and support resources can be found here. Please reach out to Mr. Webster or Ms. Ridgeway if you need more information about available supports for students and families.

Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15

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Carlos Almaraz ~ Visual Artist

This week we are showcasing Carlos Almaraz, a Mexican-American artist and an early proponent of the Chicano street arts movement. He and three other artists co-founded Los Four, a local art collective whose collaborations brought Chicano street art to the attention of the Los Angeles mainstream art community. Almaraz created murals, banners, and other artworks for Cesar Chavez and the United Farmworkers Union, (Ms. Ridgeway has one of the posters he created for the 1984 LA Olympics!) and he is best known for his depictions of Echo Park and other works where he captures the L.A. urban landscape with explosive painterly textures and brilliant color. Although Almaraz died in 1989, his pastels, paintings, and murals remain a major influence on younger Latino artists. His work continues to be widely exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the world. Alamaraz's works have been exhibited at LACMA, the Smithsonian, and feature in Cheech Marin's private collection of Chicano Art. You can find out more about Chicano art by visiting Marin's collection at the Riverside Art Museum.
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Spotlight on Learning ~ The Arts

What's going on in the arts?

Ms. Hodge's art class immortalized Patriot Day by producing these sketches of 9/11. After reading about 9/11 and viewing videos, the students created these moving renditions. Click on the link below to view them.

What's up this week?

Rosh Hashanah ~ The Year 5781

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It is a time of inner renewal and divine atonement. This year, Rosh Hashanah began at sundown on Friday, September 18th and ended at sundown on Sunday, September 20th. The main observances of the holiday are the blowing of the shofar, a ram’s horn, and eating apples and honey to symbolize a sweet new year.

Coffee with the Administrators

Tuesdays, 8:00-8:30am.

Chat with the administrators, Mr. Webster & Ms. Ridgeway, via zoom!

Click here

Wednesday this week is Period 6B 9am-10am.

Log into your period 6B Zoom 9-10, then work on other assignments, projects, homework, reading from 10am-2pm.

Join the Benton Dance Club!

Dance Instructor Miss Toni will be offering dance instruction Monday-Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 via zoom. We know many students' regular activities have been cancelled in this time of COVID-19 and the school wanted to offer some additional recreation to students in the afternoon. All students are welcome to join and it is completely free for the students. If you are interested in joining the Benton Dance Club, please use this link.

Mark Your Calendar, coming soon!

Benton PTSA Association Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Save the date for our PTSA Association Meeting on September 30th, 2020, at 6 pm via Zoom.

Please email to RSVP.

Distance Learning Support

Family Support Portal

These links might be helpful.

They can be found under the new tab on our website,


2020 – 2021

To ensure that our students and teachers have a safe learning environment conducive to learning, the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District has instituted a Three-Way Virtual Pledge. This pledge represents a commitment where all stakeholders work together to ensure a successful school year while in Distance Learning.

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