Established 1994

Political Facts

Population: 1,800,000

Governor: Drew Mattox

Senators: Bryce Crawford- republican, Kris Kristopher- republican

House of Representatives: 3

Major exports: Rum

Major imports: sugarcane

Fun Facts about us

Bird: Mallard

Universities/ colleges: Muckalee State University

Sports teams: Muckalee Moccasin's

Major rivers: Muckalee River

Counties: 17

Largest city: Bonifay

Bordering States: Alabama and Florida

Nickname: The keys

Motto: soaring higher

Song: Flora- Bama by Kenny Chesney

How we came to be

We first asked congress for admission, and they chose to pass an enabling act, which then directed us to frame a proposed state constitution. Congress then passed an act of admission. We were formed of Alabama and Florida natives who were looking for peaceful and enjoyable environment, which we achieve come visit us in Flora- Bama anytime!