Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

November 27, 2014 at 2 p.m.

Let's Gather and Rejoice Together!

Autumn! Fall!

Friends and Family!

Love them All!

You are invited!

Gary and Lee Ann are looking forward to seeing friends and family on Thanksgiving Day.

We're dressing casually for comfort- bring your elastic waist pants! Can't wait to catch up and laugh about this year's funny moments, please be careful traveling! Love, hugs, and kisses, Gary and Lee Ann! 610 Easy Street TRLR 103, Cleveland, TX!


Green and Red Grapes


Sweet Baby Jerkins

Peppered Jack Cheese

Main Course:

Roast Turkey

Buttered Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Traditional (Grandma's) Family Dressing

Cranberry Sauce


Iced Tea (Sweet and Unsweet)


Fresh Fruit Compote

Pumpkin Pie

Cheese Cake

Chocolate Mints