You Won A FREE Makeup Consultation

For you and four Friends!

Thank you for coming by my booth at the Bridal Show! You WON a Girl's Night OUT!

Congratulations! I raffled off a FREE girls night makeup package and you are the lucky winner. You won a FREE Makeup consultation for you and four of your friends. This is a fun evening with the gals. I provide wine, and some light snacks. We talk makeup tips and you each get to be dolled up my me!

Who Am I?

My name is Ashley Hohenstein and I am a Certified Make-up artist who primarily works photo shoots with Poise Photography studio along with Freelance work for weddings and other special occasions. I use Arbonne cosmetics because they are pure and safe for all skin types and create a flawless look that photographs exceptionally well. I went to school in Sacramento and have been working up here for over a year. You are welcome to use this consultation for wedding make-up or to just try a new look.

Bring a Photograph of the looks you have been Dying to get!

I love sharing tips and helping women learn the tools that can help them feel their very best everyday! Your Girls night will be help at Poise Photography Studio in Chico. Pictures are not included, but if you are interested in a photography package that can be arrange.

Why I use Arbonne?

The products are Pure, Safe & Beneficial. They start with pure botanically based ingredients and add safe science and we are results driven, there are benefits. They do not put any fillers and have only 1% preservatives, so our products cannot be sold on store shelves, because to be sold on a store shelf you must have a shelf life with a minimum of seven years. The biggest difference between Arbonne and other products being sold on the market is what they don’t put in their products. There are No Parabens, Formaldehyde, Petroleum, Tar, Artificial fragrances or colors, Acetones, Animal Bi-products, Pesticides, GMO’s or Mineral Oil, we are Free of Gluten, Soy and Whey. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed in 26 seconds. Arbonne is truly Hypoallergenic, Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist and Pediatrician TESTED, Vegan Certified, Peta Certified (No animal testing) and we abide by European standards. This is crucial because the FDA bans 11 known carcinogens from cosmetics, the UK bans 1371 known carcinogens.

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Pick from my three favorite Arbonne Makeup products and get it at your consultation!

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I will Give you 20% off ALL orders on the day of your consultation. That is 20% off any cosmetic orders or services for Wedding or other Special Events scheduled and paid upfront that day.

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My rates for Makeup:

If you are wondering what a consultation like this would usually cost, it would be $20 a person, but you are getting this for free! In addition you can get 20% off of your Bridal makeup if you book my services the day of the consultation. Below is the break down of costs and any additional service charges.

The Bride: $75 and that includes two consultations, if necessary to get the perfect look. Makeup the day of the wedding including false lashes. In addition I will travel up to 2 hours without additional costs, anything beyond that it is a flat rate of $20, within a 4 hour drive. More than 4 hours and I charge $20 additional dollars an hour.

The Bridal party: $50 per bridesmaid, mother or friend. Includes makeup the day of the wedding and false lashes. This does not include the pre-consultation that would be an additional $20 and travel rates do apply if applicable.

Contact me to set up your GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

Ashley Hohenstein

Certified Professional Make-up Artist

Independent Consultant and Regional Vice President with Arbonne