Circle Five Presents

Market Impact Series: Mindset

Topic: Evaluating Opportunities

Mindset –n.

The ideas and attitudes that determine how a person will interpret and respond to a situation.

Guest Speaker

This month we have the pleasure of introducing Michael Kaplan as our guest host! He has held senior management positions at Fortune 500 corporations including Director of Marketing at SANYO, He also co-founded a successful tech start-up in Washington DC. Currently he is the Director of Global Business Development at ICON, Taipei's preeminent marketing and licensing firm. Mr. Kaplan has significant experience in the public eye, ranging from his term as an elected official in California to his recent role as co-host at the 2013 ACG Fair (Anime, Cosplay & Gaming) at the new Taoyuan Performing Arts Center.

On September 19th, Michael will talk about evaluating opportunities when starting and running a business, and he'll challenge attendees with real life scenarios. Entrepreneurs, get ready to participate! Focal points include:
- Staying on Target
- Saving Resources (incl $$$)
- Focusing on Success

No charge to attend, but online registration is required. Seating is limited!

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We hope you can join us at this exciting Taipei networking event.

Circle FIVE -- September 2013 Market Impact Series

Thursday, Sep. 19th 2013 at 7pm

Taipei -- Location Provided to Registrants

Visit www.meetup/CircleFIVE/ to register

Registration is free. Seating is limited.