James Lynch

My Family and Football

 Football was what I was born into, my whole family loved it. Our family’s favorite football team is Nebraska. Every Saturday was the best during football season. We would always go to my aunt and uncle’s house to watch the game, my whole family would always be there.

Being the Leader

I’ve always been a type of leader on the defense. I always liked being the guy everyone looked to for the plays or what to do. I always am the one yelling out what the offense is running. I’m also the guy who gets in the huddle and calls the plays.


I’ve always like to hit people. This is why I like defense, you get to just crush people on the field. You also get to move around you don’t have to stay still. You get to blitz and just go as fast as you can and just destroy the quarterback.

Now What I Feel

I’m so glad that I was born into a family that loves football. I think that’s why I’m pretty good at football. I feel that I’m an expert at football because I’ve played it my whole life. Also a lot of my friends think that I’m an expert or smart about football.