Junior High Journal

News and Happenings in the Junior High Department

8th Grade Updates & Reminders 11/28-12/2

  • Chromebooks should be charged every night to ensure the battery lasts throughout the day!
  • Check Skyward and the homework calendar frequently for missing and current homework assignments, talk to your child about their work.
  • Please remember that although you can email your students, absences and early pick-up information must be reported through the office. Please call the Yorkville School office.

Winter Band and Choir Concert

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 7pm

18621 Washington Avenue

Union Grove, WI

The Winter Band and Choir concert will be held Thursday, December 15th at 7pm. Also, from Noon to 10pm, Culvers on Hwy. 20 & I-94 will donate a portion of all sales to the Band! Please mention Yorkville School when ordering. Enjoy a meal or some custard before or after the concert!

Individual Classes

ELA News and Updates

Katie Nicholls katie.nicholls@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in ELA, students learned about the importance of subjects and verbs agreeing when writing. They also began to prep their second book talk of the year about their independent reading book. To end the week, students read “The Monkey’s Paw”, a famous short story about a family given three wishes from a mystic monkey’s paw. Talk with your student this weekend about the story and whether they would take a chance and wish, in light of the happenings in the story. If your student hasn’t already told you about their field trip to the high school, make sure he or she does. It was a great day to learn about the Tech Ed offerings at Union Grove High School.

Science News and Updates

Erin Weis erin.weis@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Students worked on learning the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. They learned the molecules of the reactants in each reaction as well as the products. Students project this week was to describe the connection between the two processes. Some students wrote songs, some drew posters, and some wrote stories about the life of the carbon dioxide molecule. They all had the option of turning them in on Friday or this coming Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing all their creative work. We ended the week with a cell energy quiz and began talking about the cell cycle. Students will be able to describe the steps of how cells make new cells.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Weis

Social Studies News and Updates

John Johnsen john.johnsen@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in 8th grade we used the first half of the week to finish discussing the different types of power Congress has. We explained the difference between an “expressed power” which is power listed in the constitution, and an “implied power” which is a power not found on the constitution. The rest of the week we talked about lesson 3 which discuss the different qualifications you need to be a member of Congress. The qualifications are very similar in both houses, the only difference is the number like age in both. Next week we will finish looking at the staff that helps a member of Congress as well as look into lesson 4 which explains how a bill becomes a law. Have a great weekend. Mr. Johnsen

Math News and Updates

Mary Niccolai mary.niccolai@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Intro to Algebra worked on finding percent increase or decrease. This was a new concept for most of them. We also did a small unit on simple probability. This unit reinforced solving two step equations and the decimal / percent relationship. We spent a couple of days reviewing and we ended the week with a chapter test. Next week we will begin working on our next unit, which involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers. We will also spend some time on statistics and solving equations with rational numbers. This unit will help prepare for the winter MAP tests which will happen in mid January. I hope you have a great weekend.

Algebra reviewed equations in point slope form and also learned about the relationship between parallel and perpendicular lines. Parallel lines have the same slope while perpendicular lines have opposite sign reciprocal slopes. We ended the week with a chapter review. Next week Monday and Tuesday we will continue to review for the test. The unit test on graphing will be next week Wednesday and Thursday. Grades should be updated by Sunday. Have a great weekend.

Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Niccolai

Spanish News and Updates

Physical Education & Health News and Updates

Band News and Updates

Mike Beix



The Junior High Winter Concert will be held on Thursday, December 15 at 9:45am and 7:00pm in the Yorkville Large Gym. Both concerts are free and open to the public, so feel free to invite all of your family and friends!

Students should be in the Band Room at 6:37pm. The dress code for the evening concert is:

· GIRLS: skirt (at least knee length) or dress pants and a nice top.

· BOYS: polo shirt or dress shirt (tucked in) and khakis or dress pants.

· Shorts, blue jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or athletic shoes are not allowed.

· Students are allowed to wear holiday hats.

Our first Culver’s Fundraiser will be on Thursday, December 15 from Noon to 10:00 PM. A portion of your sales will be donated to our band students. Please spread the word and help support our students!

Please check out the band website (tinyurl.com/yorkvilleband) to stay up-to-date with the Yorkville Band!

Choir News and Updates

Carly Kreuscher



Our Winter Concert is Thursday, December 15 at 9:45am and 7:00pm. This is a required performance. Report time for students is 6:30 sharp. Please refer to the Band News section of the newsletter for dress code. We hope to see everyone there!!!

This years musical will be Music Man Jr. Auditions will be held during the week of Jan 9, 2017. Audition packets are available in the choir room. I have attached to music and choreography the students will need to perform during their audition on my website!!

We continue to work on music for Choral Fest. . Choral Festival is Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 7:00pm.

If you are looking for extra handouts, forms, etc. please check my website. I try to post everything I can so you have access at home!!! http://yorkvillemusic.weebly.com

Here is the link from our Fall Concert on Nov. 15 with Nash Elementary. If you were unable to attend the performance or would like to view it again, here it is…


Art News and Updates

Dana Herman dana.herman@yorkville.k12.wi.us

8th grade Art begins in the third trimester