Deadpool with Schizophrenia

By: Ashten Stone


Schizophrenia is when an individual imagines things, usually characters, that aren't really there. They cannot tell the difference between whether what they have invented is real or fake. The reason I have chosen Schizophrenia for Deadpool and not Multiple Personality Disorder is because he doesn't imagine himself as each of these personalities, he acknowledges them as different and individual entities.



Deadpool has suffered from the following symptoms that point to schizophrenia, he has a difficult time telling the difference between what is real and what isn't.

He also talks as multiple people and hears voices that aren't there. At one point in the comics, he bites into what he imagines to be a burrito but in reality it is a tree.

Progression of the Disorder

Before Deadpool became a test subject in the Weapon X program, he was a pretty normal guy. He had a pretty broken past though. His mother died of cancer when he was young and his abusive father was murdered in front of him. He later developed a form of cancer and joined the Weapon X program in attempts to cure his illness. The healing factor he gains from this program brings mental instability and psychosis because his neurons are affected by the accelerated regeneration. This causes him to lose most of his past because of the extreme amounts of mental instability. Deadpool isn't even one hundred percent sure of his identity. This could be why he creates so many different personalities. He has internal voices that argue back and forth as well.

Prevalence of Schizophrenia

Worldwide about 1 percent of the population is diagnosed with schizophrenia, and approximately 1.2% of Americans (3.2 million) have the disorder.


The cause of Deadpool's Schizophrenia can be traced to his childhood as well as the events throughout his life. When he was younger, his mom died of cancer and his abusive father was murdered in front of him. Thus leading him with basically no guidance whatsoever, so he created personalities and beings that weren't there, to make decisions for him. He also went into a program to cure his illness and he came out of this program with almost no memory of his identity, leading him to create a few of his own.


Therapy 1

I would use behavioral therapy because Schizophrenia is also involved with abnormal social behaviors and unusual speech. Behavioral therapy can be used with Deadpool because this therapy views problem behaviors as the problem and that the application of learning principles can eliminate them. Counterconditioning can be used with Deadpool because it deals with reversing a learned/conditioned behavior. For example, Deadpool has been conditioned to listen to the impulses of the voices he hears regardless of whether or not they are morally correct, counterconditioning can teach Deadpool to unlearn giving into the demands of his hallucinations. Exposure therapies can also be used because they treat patients by exposing them to things they fear and typically avoid due to the feeling of anxiety when encountered. Deadpool often avoids certain situations because he becomes overwhelmingly anxious at the possibility that these situations will not have the desired outcome. He often imagines a drastic and highly unlikely turn-out for situations, resulting in his avoidance of them.

Therapy 2

I would also use Psychoanalysis therapy. This involves the attribution of thoughts and actions to one's unconscious motives and conflicts. Deadpool isn't always consciously aware of his impulses, therefore making it intensely difficult to manage them. This therapy seeks to expose and interpret unconscious tensions. Displacement often makes an appearance, it is when repressed impulses manifest themselves and show up in different ways. These repressed impulses are confronted and dealt with accordingly. Deadpool's repressed impulses manifest themselves as different characters in his head that tell him to do these things he has repressed otherwise. Imaginary Order is another occurrence and it is characterized by extreme narcissism and sense of inferiority. Deadpool often feels he is quite brilliant at whatever it is he does, even if it isn't necessarily a good thing. He also feels he is better than others at certain things. This is treated by identifying what it is he feels and then explaining what is wrong with his narcissistic way and attempting to fix it.

Four Patients with Schizophrenia