By: Myah Gallup

What T-rexs like to eat. 🍖

It turns out that T- Rex didn't just eat other dinosaurs, but they are cannibals they eat each other. I thought that they ate all the other dinosaurs . Okay maybe I thought that they only ate Plant eaters but as you can see I am wrong very, very wrong. Paleontologists from the United States and Canada have found bite marks on the giants' bones that were made by other T. Rex, according to a new study.

Someways You Can Learn About Dinosaurs.

Some ways I learned about Dinosaurs is by watching a lot of dinosaur train and it helped me a lot. I encourage you to watch it. I learned a lot as you can tell. If I were you I would watch the episode that says well I forgot but it talks about dinosaur poop. if you watch it you can find out what dinosaur poop looks like and find it in fossils. I also did a search about dinosaurs that is another way to find all you need to know about dinosaurs. Here is the link to my Google form about dinosaurs.

Pterodactyl 🐟

So these winged things are very interesting. You are probably wondering why is the Pterodactyl so interesting. Well I am glad you you asked. They are so interesting because, they fly who doesn't like things that fly. Well probably bugs sorry for the bug lovers out there but bugs are gross. Pterodactyl lived 145 million years ago is that cool or what. Pterodactyl eats fish, insects, and small animals like lizards. I like fish but not lizards and insects they don't sound very yummy especially because I don' t like bugs but lizards I can handle. Pterodactyls lived in the area of Germany; France England; Tanzania Africa; many hunted near rivers and lakes. This is the site I found all of my details.



The website is my blog if you would like to see things I do. The picture is me and my sister. My sister is the older looking one or the bigger one.