Looking For Cowboys

Mariana Casaus

What you need to know and do to be successful at this job:

You need to know how to ride a horse and have experience, you will have to ride the horse for hours with the cattle to the railroads. You must be able to fight off other wild animals or something that gets in your way. You should be able to take care of small injuries with the animals. You have to stay up at night to watch the cattle. You need to know how to fix barbed wire and use the resources you have. And last, you must be able to survive severe weather, heat cold rain blizzards. So you will get paid for doing this job and if you love riding and can do all the expectations above then you will enjoy this job.

Open range is a vast area of grassland owned by the government. Ranchers rounded up cattle and drove through the trails is the long drive.

Texas Longhorn is the type of cattle that you have to move to the North.

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This is a type of wild horse that you have to catch and prove that you have enough strength to do this job.

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