Springtime Bright Lights

Primary School is Looking Good inside and out!

Have you noticed. . . .

I sure hope you noticed that the school grounds got spruced up a bit with some new fresh mulch around the beds. The trees are ready to blossom and the flowers on the west side have bloomed. Inside, please take a walk around the the school to see the awesome work displayed by our teachers. I am very proud our our students' work. Below there is more to see.

Have You Noticed too.. . .

Four of our fourth grade classrooms got a new make-over during spring break. New carpeting, new paint on the walls (complete with an accent wall color), and new shades for the windows (that won't allow for any viewing into the rooms from the outside-security), but allows light into the rooms. Thanks to our teachers and kids for getting the rooms ready and to our maintenance team for putting the rooms back together. Looking good!

The Annual Data Probability Fair was held this week

Mr. Frei's math students came through again with some outstanding games of chance as part of their probability unit of study. Parents were here yesterday to join in the examination of how fair the games were. The children took tallies of how the results were coming in and will complete a google spreadsheet to demonstrate the level of fairness.

The Age of filmstrips

You may remember the day in school when your teachers used filmstrips as an audio-visual aid to hlep present content in your classes, The filmstrip is alive and well in grade four as they presented their latest literacy work in the form of this visual. See the examples below and please stop by the fourth grade area to see the work of our students. Thank you teachers for displaying the filmstrips.

Severe Weather Week ends with successful tornado drill

This week across our state, the severe weather awareness was raised in our schools. Through our morning announcements and practice tornado drills, the children and staff are prepared to take shelter in the event of severe weather. The terms watch and warning were differentiated for the children. I am very proud of how the drill was completed as I reviewed the shelter areas and noted the perfect readiness positions of our children and staff. Maybe you can ask your children where they went and how ready they feel for bad weather.

Culvers Night

Thanks so much for all of you who took the time to visit Culvers' on Merton Night. Thanks to our staff members, Mrs. Baral, Mrs. Day, and Ms Schwartz for the hustle delivering meals to cars and tables. See you on May 17th for our next event there. Mr. Posick and I will be doing the hustle that evening too. yee haw!

The play, the play, the play!


Please check out your plans for next week as the Intermediate School will be presenting "30 reasons not to be in a play". Please click for more information. Thanks!

Mike Budisch

Growth is what it is all about at our school. Not simply the number of teeth that have fallen out and the new ones growing in, or the inches and feet of growth in height. Simply the wonder of children learning to understand and build connections within their their learning. The changes of spring come with new growth and we readily see the changes of color. Sometimes the changes in children are very subtle and we should look closely for and enjoy the beauty of those changes.