The Battle of North Africa

By Dawson Cole

The Battle of North Africa

This was actually more of a campaign, and started as a fight between Italy and Britain for control of the Suez Canal in Egypt, and access to Asian and Egyptian resources. It started in 1935, when Italy invaded Ethiopia, under the force of General Rommel, who was a strong and experienced strategist. This scared Egypt, so they gave Britain permission to have troops stationed on their territory. The Italian and British armies faced each other across the Western Desert. On November 9, 1941, the British air force attacked the Italian side of the desert. As this was successful, Churchill moved much of his forces over to Greece, as Germany started to supply the Italian forces with a large number of their men. Upon finding out the thinning of British forces, the Italian commander attacked them, which was a harsh blow to the British. The magnitude proved to be huge, as this forced the British out of Benghazi and both of their generals were captured. Churchill reinforced his troops, and they attempted an attack, but the day after lost and Italy recaptured Halfaya Pass. Throughout many series of battles and struggles to gain the power, the British won. This was hard won and with much loss, but wihout this pivotal victory, the Axis Powers most likely would've won the war.

Battle of North Africa

Saturday, Oct. 12th 1935 at 10pm to Tuesday, Oct. 13th 2020 at 12am

Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia