Construction Worker

The Most Dangerous Career - by Isaiah Copper


Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a construction worker? It feels like you're climbing the highest mountain and building a house for you to live. In order to be a construction worker, you need to get a good education, see if it is a good paying job for you, follow the requirements and be a good listener. What we know of a construction worker is that. They work indoors and outdoors. They put in sidewalks and pools for people in need. They built the Empire State Building. So people can work There so they can have a job to get money so. They can get food so they can eat. they build the Golden Gate Bridge construction workers get lot of money. For food to eat and to have energy to work construction workers are always fit shape raedy to worker and not lase like some people I now like my brother. Why because construction workers need to lift have bemes. So they can stared building's like alcova. They have to work rule hard to make the right building. So they don’t make the wrong building so they don’t mass up on the building. They work in the rain and cold water so the can get the job done. So they can get their money to pay their tax so they don’t lose their homes. If they lose they homes they lose their job and they have no money and they have to live on the street. It will be panful form the sidwake in a box. It is bad because the sharf will get you and through you in jail 3 to 4 years if you do the right thing you do need to wear about that. You can keep your house if you keep your job that menas that you will get to keep your money so you keep getting food to eat and you can keep your whats so you stal can be fit shap and ready to go to work.