Team Endless Possibilites

May News Recap


Congratulations to our newest team members who joined us in May!

Beka Diaz

Anita Rodriquez

Andrea Cardenas

Diane Osuna

Valerie Palomino

Misty and Taylor Victor

Narce Lopez

Congratulations to Alexis Diaz on promoting to Leading Designer!

Way to work your personal business in May to ALL!!!

Here are the highlights!

2000+ PV

Kimberly Larsen 2274.30

Rebecca Rodriquez 2030.70

1000+ PV

Chelsea Duclos 1962.00

Ashley Marquez 1531.60

Jessica Belanger 1271.20

Danielle Alvarado 1139.90

Alexis Diaz 1137.30

Honorable mention

Judith Vasquez 859.10

Aspen Arriaga 723.70

Narce Lopez 574.00

How to locate training materials, documents and flyers in the O2 Academy

The O2 Academy is a huge resource for us and has tons of information. Be sure you are utlitilzing it to your fullest extent. This is a great step by step video.

Activity requirements for Origami Owl

Origami Owl has a requirement of 250 in PV (wholesale) in a rolling 6 month period to remain active with the company. Currently we are in Jan-June, next month it will be Feb-July and so on.

You can locate your active thru date on the very first screen of your back office.

If you want to calculate your monthly PV you can do so by following these steps.

1. Log into your back office

2. Choose Business Tools

3. Choose Organization Viewer

4. Double click on your name on the left

5. Click on the tab that says Volume, this will show your PV.

Something for Everyone Cash Bonuses

Jewelry Bar tips!

Hostess Coaching is key to a successful Jewelry Bar whether it be an in home JB or an online/Facebook Jewelry Bar.

Set yourself and your hostess up for success!!!

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Upcoming Dates

Mon 6/22 @ 6pm

15002 Summit Ave

Fontana, CA

Team meeting with Michele Bradley

Wed 7/1 @ 6pm

Lacey's house


Team meeting/BBQ!!! Don't miss out, let's have some summer fun and training! EVERYONE is welcome!!!!

PLEASE always feel free to reach out to me via phone, text, email or Facebook if you have any questions or would like to chat about your business! This is a team effort and I want you to succeed in your goals with Origami Owl!