A fun name and even funner country!


Zimbabwe is a beautiful country located in Southern Africa with a variety of temperatures, varying from 40-90 degrees on average. So it's the perfect place for everyone, no matter what your weather preference may be! There is also a large climate variety. If you like the rainy, wet season, the best time for you to travel is between April and October. If you like the warmer weather, November through March is the prime travel time for you! There is also many beautiful landscapes in Zimbabwe such as the Limpopo River, and the Eastern Highlands.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Zimbabwe

Before you travel to this wonderful country, there are some important facts to know to; to ensure you have the best travel experience possible. First of all, the most common languages spoken are Shona, English, and Ndebele. There are also some rules, or folkways that need to be followed. Wearing camouflage is illegal, and you can be arrested for doing so. You should also always carry your ID around in case of emergency's. Also, under no circumstances should you photograph law enforcement officers, this is an extremely illegal act. Cursing in public is also illegal, and you may be punished for it. There are also some things that may be acceptable in the US that are frowned upon in Zimbabwe. Some taboos include whistling in public, kissing in public, and chewing gum in public.

Learning More About Zimbabwe Culture

Zimbabwe Culture is often separated by language. Two main subculture groups include the Shona and Ndebele. Both of these groups have had political tension for a while, and are often at disagreement. Over time, Zimbabwe's culture has been becoming more urban for a while now. They have started abandoning their old traditions and practiced more modern ways, including modern medicine and gender roles in Zimbabwe have become much more equal, and are thought to have the same rights as each other.