BCS January College Campus Visits

Campus Explorations that Support Career & College Readiness!

Upper Grades

What's BCS College Campus Visit Day?

Our annual College Campus Visits were a success! On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, our students in Grades 9-11, their crew leaders, and family volunteers visited 10 college campuses representing a diverse group of institutions stretching from Ithaca, New York to Washington, DC. Our earliest departure was 6am and the latest return 8pm. Our students and staff were persistent to get the most out of this incredible day. These visits give students the opportunity to picture themselves on a campus; experience the learning & social environment; walk the landscape; see dorms, and taste the food, all important as they make informed decisions about their post-secondary paths.
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What do students learn from campus visits?

Our Crew-to-College program supports students with regular lessons about career and college exploration in Grades 9-12. Students use the College Visit Observation Guide notecatcher developed by CARA on their campus visits. Check it out here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bd0v0biI2D_zqCyXNjwAnwD7kXkDlW4U/view?usp=sharing

Our students (and staff) had such an incredible time!

The Dining Hall was a highlight for many!

Special Thanks to Karlette, our College Counselor and Director of Post-Secondary Readiness!

Lower Grades

What is the CUNY Explorers Program?

On Wednesday, January 15, the 7th grade made a whole-grade visit to Bronx Community College, as part of the CUNY Explorers program. CUNY Explorers offers a very in-depth tour program for middle school students and allows them to explore different activities on a college campus. On this visit, students had an opportunity to visit campus facilities, medical/biology labs, and an art studio with hands-on activities.
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