Cutural Perception of women

By: Odalys Camacho, Kyle, Maria


The roles of the everyday woman has changed dramatically throughout history, especially in the last 40 years or so. In the 50’s a woman was expected to live for the role of housewife. She was to tend to her children and husband, cooking and cleaning constantly. But after the men had to go to work women had to work the man's job.


1. How was the role of women in society in traction during post-war period?

Women play a key role in preserving order and normalcy in the midst of chaos and destruction. They were also doing jobs man will do such as factories and industries. They also had to take the role of a mother and a father. They struggled to protect their families’ health.

2. Describe the ideal women according to Hollywood.

According with Hollywood the ideal women was the one who was in a nuclear family, if she wasn’t she will get punished if they refuse to stay in her place. They were also housewife.

3. What constrasting media images of femininity did the public receive during the post-war era?

All females were perfect, they didn’t seem like anything was wrong with them. They seem classy as they can be.

4. How might these images have affect Holden's perception of romantic interests?

It made it seem like every woman was perfect and he will look for the perfect female like it will show on the magazines. Making him have the wrong idea of a women.

5. List the following popular or "best of" items from 1951 with 2-3 examples of each.

Poodle skirts

Drive in theaters

Sock hops- Just people getting together to dance

The conical bra

The twist- a popular dance

6. What kind of music were most people listening to?

A lot of jazz and swing

7. Who and what were they seeing at the movies?

Examples of movies were

8. How was psychiatry viewed within mainstream America in the early 1950's? Is this different from today?

Is this different from today? Back in the day’s people will think you were crazy and isolated themselves from that one person. Now if you have mental issue or anything else involving sickness people will try to help you out instead of just living you alone.

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