Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated

Maribel Granda


Evidence One

Columbus Day should be celebrated, because he proved a point its a huge part of our history his point that he proved was that our world is not flat! He wanted to prove these scientist wrong, while his voyage he brought things back something new. He recorded his voyage and by doing that he brought us a taste of what he got see and experienced for example the music and traditions he also brought new food seasonings like salt he even brought the main ingredient of chocolate, gold and some native Americans. If Columbus didnt discover America Most of us would be peasants.

Evidence Two

It's a tradition that we celebrate Columbus day to honor his great discovery of the New world. Our own pledge of allegiance in honor of his 400th voyage. Congress passed a law making Columbus day a federal holiday.this is our heritage we should appreciate Columbus day our history is what made our country today and its very important to honor the people who made a difference to our world. Columbus helped shape the United States.