All About Quetzals

By:Katie Snow


Do you know what a Quetzal is? A quetzal is an interesting and beautiful bird. A Quetzal also has a rare nickname,Trogan. A Quetzal is medium sized bird. READ ON TO LEARN MORE!

Body Features

Quetzals usually have a green-yellow colored fluffy head with solid black marble eyes. A Quetzal has a green, but mostly black neck with a red chest down to its tail feathers. A Quetzals tail feathers are a green-black color, sometimes they have white tail feathers too. Also Quetzals have medium sized beaks.

Eating Habits

A Quetzal is an omnivore, it eats both meat and plants. Quetzals like to eat fruit, berries and insects. A Quetzal is a very skilled hunter. When fruit is not around, Quetzals eat small animals, such as insects, lizards, frogs, and snails. Quetzals swoop down and get its prey and it while their still in the air. Quetzals have good camouflage in the rainforest.

A Quetzals life cycle

Quetzals peck on rotting trees to make holes to nest. The mother sits on one to three eggs in the hole to keep the eggs warm. The father sits in the hole with his very long tail feathers on the outside. While the father sits on the eggs with the mother, They both sit on the eggs for three weeks then the Quetzal chicks are born. The chicks start to fly at three weeks old then they leave to find a home of their own.

Facts and Features-Conclusion

Quetzals are threatened of habitat loss. Quetzals have a lifespan of 20-25 years. Quetzals are very beautiful and fascinating birds that live in rainforests of Central America down to Southern Mexico in Panama.

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