Flipping Once Again

Alexandra Woods

I Spy with my Little Eye...

While doing this flipped video I used a different application, just to try another one out. I used the Explain Everything application and found it had many different functions than the Educareations did. This video in particular was a little longer than I anticipated. The lesson itself is a station lesson for the students to apply what they have learned to different models of paragraphs. For the flipped video I had a hard time figuring out how I could apply this. The conclusion I came up with is the video will have the review material and prepare the students for the extended activities we could do in class. Because of this I have found reviews are a little harder to apply flipped videos with - at least as a beginner. The slides moved along very smoothly though and I enjoyed the colors that could be added and while recording it was very easy to record one page at a time instead of having to record the whole thing in one run. To change I would maybe figure out a different way to apply what I wanted to teach through review with the students.

Future Plans?

I learned that there are different types of applications and each of them will have different ways to record and add pictures etc. One of my favorite things on this app that I found was you can record a browser and explain things through the application itself. This was a vital resource especially to guide the students through the website. Knowing this, I will be able to keep an eye out for different kinds of application and to see what I like and don't like about each. They all save differently as well and that needs to stay consistent for the students. So the students need to be guided through the procedures to watch the videos and if they are turning anything in online to know how to do so. Something else I have thought up is that as a teacher we may not always know if a student watches the videos or not. There are ways we could watch this, but the best thing would be to have the students have some form of product at the end of the video. This way the students get something out of it instead of watching a lecture and also helps see if students may have watched it.


Well now I have to figure out the best ways to apply flipped videos to a classroom and see how others may do it. Look to see what applications work best, especially since I have a tendency to not want to just sit in front of the video for the students to just stare at me. Lots to consider prior to finishing up.