My Top Ten Jobs

By Paige Kolk

1 Art Teacher

*planning lessons





2 Author

*write orginal pieces

*revise and rewrite

*confortable private office



3 child caregiver

* confer with parents and staff to discuss educational activities

*observe students for behavior or learning problems




4 Craft Artist

*Create handmade objects for sale

*Attend craft shows to market products

*Art studios or workshops



5 Interior Designer

*plan interior design of places

*Talk with clients to determan what they want or need

*own hours/job to job or in an office



6 Librarian

*Manage librarys

*classify and catalog materials

* Comfortable well lit quiet settings



7 Preschool Teacher

*teach children up to five years of age
*provide materials and recources for children to explore



8 Director

*Cut and edit films and soundtracts

*choose settings and locations for films

*irregular hors



9 Multi Media Artist an Animators

*create special effects or other visual images
*Draw images and ideas for others to review

*private offices



10 photographer

*develop negatives and produce finished prints
*create artificial lights using flashes and reflectors

*studios and occasinaly the clients location