Mammoths Found In Waco!

Mammoth Fossils Found

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A family of Mammoths are found in Waco in an unusual formation. It was a nursery herd. The family had all the females in a circle, with the babies in the center. This family had probably died in a flood or storm, based on the way they were all fallen.
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Saber toothed cats

Saber toothed cats were three feet tall, four to five feet long, their legs were 3.5 feet long, and their teeth were 7 inches.

Here is a scale drawing.

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Religious conflict

Many religions did not believe that mammoths actually existed or came before humans. Although some people think that science can get along with religion and they go hand-in-hand. If mammoths actually existed, which is pretty obvious (not to hurt anyone's feelings), then something must have created the mammoths. So if you are a religious person who does not believe in the mammoth story and is still in disagreement, it's totally fine, everyone has their beliefs.

Effects on the ecosystem that led to the mammoth's extinction

The mammoths started to die out when man kind first started to roam the lands. The humans needed food to survive, but in our human nature, we always wanted more. More hunting means less mammoths. The mammoths had poor vision, so what hungry human do you know that wouldn't eat if they were hungry and free to eat? So, of course, they would end up messing up the mammoth's role in the ecosystem, so not only did the mammoths die out, but so did many other species. Humans also helped rise the temperature. They created a lot of fires and homes. They did not only use mammoths for food though, they also used their bones for weapons, to build houses, and for tools and weapons. So mammoths actually died for many reasons, but the main one is over killing. After the mammoths died there were many problems caused. One of them was that the grass that they ate, it grew too much. Since they ate a lot, they had a lot of waste, which some animals depended on, and so did the land, which became fertile. After they died out the animals depending on them also became endangered and eventually also died out.