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Here at Angloteania, we understand the steep demand for a good, hot cup of English tea. It took several years of chai-ing but eventually we created the best brew ever. Our customers continue to be shocked by the qualitea!

To many, there is nothing more comforting and nostalgic than the rolling boil of a kettle and the warmth of a hot cuppa between your fingertips.It is our mission to bring homesick British expats and curious Americans a taste of England every morning through novelty teas.

Our top three selling teas are:

Why you should invest in Angloteania

In 2015, the global tea market was worth 37.1 billion US dollars, and is expected to grow to roughly 44.3 billion US dollars by 2021. Investing in the second most popular beverage in the world (after water) is very low risk.

Angloteania is growing rapidly. We recently started up our first website, allowing us to ship domestically. We have expanded our flavours from 15 to almost 60. Our sales are increasing by the month. Our company is a safe bet to take. Your investment will help us expand even more and allow us to bring our amazing teas to supermarkets all over the US, and eventually internationally.