Frau Trude

A Fairy tail Smore

Setting & Characterization

There are only a few characters and the main one is a girl who just wont listen to her parents and pretty much does the opposite of what they said. They kind of mention her parents but just that they tell her not to do stuff that she wants to do. And the last character is the witch lady who isn't very nice. The setting is in old time like when they had little cabins that ran on wood fireplaces for heat.

Theme & Plot

The plot of the story would be that there is a girl who doesn't listen to her parents and completely rebels against them. She want to go see a witch and her parents said no but she went to see her anyway. On the way she saw people who were really scary and it made the girl upset so she ran to the witch and was complaining. And then the witch turned her into a wood chunk and threw her in the fire place. The theme would be to listen to your parents and they might know what is right for you.