Digital Artifact

Q1 Color Wheel Project

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I chose this project because we had it assigned as our quarter 1 project. I created this project from the idea of a a color wheel, so I tried to make it sort of like a web. It didn't go out as planned, but I ended up making a wheel/web of the different tints or colors. First we had to create our design, and paint our primary and secondary colors. Next, we painted our tertiary colors which were like the violet, orange, and green. Finally, we painted our tints which were the tertiary mixed with other colors like white or the tertiary colors.

Q2 Value, Line, and Texture

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I chose this project because this was the piece we did for quarter 2 project. I created a value, line, and texture piece. At first, we had a choice to pick from the options of what to do for quarter 2. I found inspiration from this one piece which was of a room and it utilized the sunlight as its value and the texture and lines were seen with the different things into the room. In this piece, I chose to have sunlight coming in through the window, and that creates the different shades on the rug and the walls, to create a value, line, and texture piece. This is actually my second attempt because first I drew one room, but I messed up the perspective and the drawing seemed off from different angles. That's when I decided to make it more concise, and make a long hallway instead.

Q3 Limitted Palette Painting "Beautiful Fantasy"

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I chose this project because I wanted to utilize the limited palette painting in this cover art of Kanye's "POWER" single. I created this painting using three colors, white, blue, and red to create this painting of Kanye West's "POWER" art piece. Since you could only use three colors, I created different colors with these 3 colors. Then, it was easy applying the colors to my sketch to create this painting.

Q4 My Reflection As An Artist

I have learned that making art is something that takes emotion and expression of your emotion. One day you can be very mad at a situation or tense, this could be beneficial or detrimental to your art piece. Making art is art in itself because you're really making something you're passionate about as an artist. I have learned that I had a hidden potential in my art, I have heard from many people that my art has improved throughout the years. Also, I take time in my pieces and put effort into every line, stroke, and color I put into my pieces. I also learned that I'm not so good at painting, but I draw better than I write.

My Best Creation This Year

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I am very proud of this piece because I feel inspired by Kanye West and I felt like I put the most emotion into this art piece. This is my best piece because I put the most emotion like I said into this piece and it defines my passion for the artist Kanye West.

My biggest area that needs growth is executing my final project and making sure everything is polished, straight, etc. My other weakness is that my drawing and handwriting isn't the best and some would consider my handwriting sloppy, so that also has a factor in many of my art works and pieces. One day I wish to overcome this fault, but I realize nobody's perfect.

Future Artwork

I'm not completely sure what I want my next piece to be, but I know that I want my next art piece to relate to poetry and a painting. This is because poetry to me is a passion, and I like my paintings very much, so I think my next piece will be a combination of both. I am inspired the most by Kanye West because of the music he produces, and the influence he has on my generation. I grew up listening to Kanye West ever since my dad would blast his albums in the car, so he has been an inspiration for awhile.
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