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1. Sunsmart

2. What is Health?

3. Self Esteem & Bullying

4. Healthy Eating

5. Drugs & Alcohol


No matter what age you are, being sun smart is crucial to your health. People can be diagnosed with cancer almost anytime in their life. As a child, spending time in the sun is loads of good fun. It may not affect you as badly then, but as you grow older the consequences will grow worse.

How to be Sun Smart!

Some easy ways to be sun smart is by wearing protective clothing. Hat's provide shade that is essential during a hot and sunny day. Even if it isn't sunny, UV rays can still affect your skin. Sun screen is an easy way to protect yourself for an hour or so and since there are different levels to suit the day, you can choose freely.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Australia's welfare system has chosen nine different health areas to focus their work on. These different areas are:

Cancer, Dementia, Cardiovascular, Injury Prevention, Mental Health, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis and Obesity. All of these areas are major problems in Australia and they need attention right now!

Help! | Options |

Hotlines and other help organisations offer a range of programs to help people suffering from these areas.

Cancer: Cancer Council.

Dementia: Hotline 1800 100 500.

Cardiovascular: Heart Foundation.

Injury Prevention: Stretching and exercising safely.

Mental Health: Head Space.

Diabetes: Diabetes Australia.

Asthma: Asthma Australia.


Obesity: OAC - Obesity Australia Council

Self Esteem!

Self Esteem | Teenagers |

Self esteem can affect teenagers at different age groups. Teens are affected by it due to popularity and the influence of media/society. When a teenager sees others as perfect and better than themselves, they dislike the way they are. A person with bad self esteem would find it troublesome to confront people doing the wrong thing, or just to talk to new people. Having a low self esteem can take away so many opportunities, since you don't think you're up to the challenge or new experience. Low self esteem levels are a major issue, even if it doesn't seem bad.

Self Esteem | Adults |

For adults, self esteem can still prove to be a major problem. Some people still find themselves up against similar problems within the workplace:
- Fear to speak up

- Abuse

- Harassment

Since people have self esteem problems, they can't confront problems as efficiently as a confident person.

Self Esteem | Effects |

The idealistic body is currently unnaturally curvy for women and insanely bulk for men. It's just ridiculous, it makes young girls and boys aspire to be something unobtainable. Making them think that "they aren't good enough". While inside of school, other people might put you down if you have an "undesirable" body. This affects your mental and social well-being. According to other people, you might not be up to standards with music, videos and other gossip that just passes through, affecting your views on everything.

On the other hand, others have a massive ego. They believe the entire world revolves around them. It's good to respect yourself, but not make yourself royalty.


Bullying | Effects |

Bullying appears in all age groups, races, countries and genders. Bullying and self esteem are basically enemies. People use another persons weight, height, social status and any other means to mentally attack another person. Just by constantly saying "You suck" and other nasty terms can affect their self esteem. Bullying can come in two forms, mental and physical. Physical is just the physical abuse and mis-treatment of another person. Tripping, punching, kicking - all of these come under physical bullying. Bullying is a repeated offence, not a one time thing.

Bullying | Aggressive Behaviours |

Some bullies perform all of their nasty work behind others, just by whispering a comment in their ear, telling them to not let you play. It's a cruel thing to do, isolating someone just because they're slightly different. It's okay to dislike someone, but to voluntarily abuse and just ruin their day is horrible.

Bullies usually attack others since their life isn't the best, so they try to make themselves feel better. They might be struggling at school, not liked or other problems that make them think it's okay to physically and mentally abuse other people.

Labels Don't Define You

Healthy Eating!

Healthy Eating | Food Groups |

To have a healthy diet, it needs to have a healthy amount of each of the main food groups. At the bottom of the food pyramid you have the groups vegetables and carbohydrates. Since the bottom of the pyramid is larger, it indicates that you'll need to eat more of these. At the middle is all of the meat and dairy products, these are healthy for you, but only in moderation. Too much dairy can be harmful to your digestive system and the same goes for meat. At the top is all of the fatty foods, such as butter, chocolate, ice cream and many more. These are good for a treat, but nothing more. It's nice to have them every once in a while, but any more can prove harmful to your systems.

Healthy Eating | Profits |

Healthy eating provides many benefits for the body, since it provides it with all of the nutrients: Fats, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals and protein. These six nutrients are the essentials to a fit and healthy body. Each of the six nutrients perform a certain role within our bodies, these are:

Proteins: It builds muscles and strengthens the immune system.

Carbohydrates: They provide a sustainable energy that lasts longer than sugars.

Fats: Fat is used to store energy that isn't required, it's used as a battery cell.

Vitamins: They regulate all of the processes.

Minerals: Minerals help make up and fix our bodies tissues.

Water: Water helps us stay hydrated.

Healthy Eating | Dangers |

If your diet isn't balanced, a large variety of problems can come your way from bowel cancer to diabetes. A diet containing too many fats and sugars usually leads to diabetes, since it raises the blood pressure to an unstable level. Pregnant ladies are prone to diabetes. Under-eating can cause horrible conditions such as anorexia and malnutrition, while over-eating can induce diabetes and obesity. Osteoporosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eating disorders, strokes and heart disease are all created by just having a bad diet. Having a chocolate bar, chips, Big M and other foods might seem delicious, but it wreaks havoc on your well-being.


Drugs | Information |

Any substance (with the exception of food or water) which, when taken into the body, alters its function physically and/or psychologically. There are three types of drugs:

Hallucinogenic, stimulants and depressants. Each type of drug affects your system in a peculiar way. Stimulants, for instance, speed up the nervous system and make everything seem much faster. Depressants, on the other hand, slow everything down. Hallucinogenic are considered one of the worst however, since they make your mind visualize scenes and things that aren't actually happening.

Joke: Did you know that acid makes you lose weight? No, how? Because you can't get to the fridge if there's a dragon guarding it. Drugs are also put into two separate categories, harmful and helpful. You can tell if a drug is harmful or not if it affects judgement, reasoning and the physical growth of the body.

Drugs | Problems |

Drugs can cause massive problems within communities, since drugs influence people to do abnormal things. Depressants slow down the nervous system drastically, so peoples reaction times change. This can prove fatal if a "High" person is at the wheel. Stimulants on the other hand, cause people to make irrational decisions since they're thinking way too quickly to use proper logic and reasoning. There have been many accounts of men and women acting completely mental due to drugs.


Alcohol | Problems Created |

Alcohol can be beneficial since it helps remove stress from an unhealthy work environment. However, if used irresponsibly, it can influence you to make decisions that you normally wouldn't. A standard drink relaxes your nervous system, which slows down your reaction time, thought processes and reasoning. Younger bodies aren't affected physically by alcohol. Alcohol is considered a drug, since it relaxes the body and slows down the nervous system. When you're intoxicated, your mind doesn't actually record what's being processed. That is why people have massive blanks about the night before.

Light Beer: 460ml Standard Drink

Full Strength Beer: 250ml Standard Drink

Wine: 100ml Standard Drink

Alcopop: 285ml Standard Drink

Pre-Mixed Spirits: 180ml Standard Drink

Spirits: 30ml Standard Drink

From the statistics shown above, it shows that spirits contain extremely high alcohol levels.

Alcohol | Advertisement & Recovery|

Even as children, alcohol is shown as something cool and "mysterious" to drink, well that's according to the ads. Shows like the Simpsons and Futurama have alcohol constantly in each scene. People have been shown binge-drinking within episodes, this influences a young child's thoughts on alcohol.

There are many myths on the recovery from a hangover, but the golden solution is time. Your body processes just less than one standard drink every hour. Water and salts only help slightly with your recovery. People go out and party, but they always regret it if they wake up with their head spinning in a place they don't know.