Factors that influence welfare

By: Joseph Linker

Four Factors that effect social welfare

1. Who is entitled to government assistance?

2. America has been slower to embrace the welfare state.

3.States play a large role in running welfare programs.

4.Non-governmental organizations help people with welfare.

Who deserves welfare?

  • The people that deserve welfare need assistance maybe because they cannot work and need money to buy food and supplies.
  • People deserve welfare if they cannot support their families and it should be available for them to get help with.
  • Non-governmental agencies play a role in supplying these people with other benefits that the government just cannot supply.
  • The Charitable Choice is four federal laws that say that non-profit religious organizations could compete to certain social service delivery and welfare programs.

Social Security and Medicare

  • Roosevelt wanted to have a plan where elderly people could receive a check to help them out financially.
  • The Great Depression was a contributing factor to the creation of welfare programs because people were starving and nobody had money.
  • There were two types of programs created an insurance program which which helped the unemployed and the elderly. Second was the assistance program, this was providing for all types of people who need the help.
  • These needy people would have to pass a means test which states how much money the family makes in a month.
  • These programs were paid for by the tax payers of the United States.

Social Welfare Programs

  • Medicare
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Supplementary Security Income
  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • These are all programs that people can have access to for certain needs.