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Vive la France

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The World is With You


Thank you for making Veterans Day memorable for the veterans that attended the activities on Wednesday. It was amazing to see so many people come together in the library to honor those who made sacrifices to better our future.

Looking ahead...

11/17-Literacy Committee Meeting

11/17-MTSS Math Committee Meeting

11/17-Dine Out Night @McDonald's

11/18-Staff Meeting

11/18-Report Cards to Jeff

11/19-Learning Environment Meeting

11/19-Jeff's Observation with Faith

11/20-Vision and Hearing Screening

11/20-Report Cards sent home


We have closed a successful first trimester! You have done a great job initiating children to their new classrooms. The procedures and expectations that you have implemented will benefit everyone throughout the rest of the year. I know you are busy completing report cards. Please have them to me by 11/18 so I can review them before they are sent home.


To Tonya and the Veterans Day Committee for planning a meaningful day for students!

To the 1st Grade Team for your attendance at the PTA meeting. I know this makes for a long day. Your attendance is greatly appreciated.

We had a 96.6% success rate for Parent/Teacher Conferences! Thank you making this a priority. I recognize the ongoing efforts as you continue to try and engage the parents that did not participate. Your endless efforts are greatly appreciated.

We have 100% membership with the PTA amongst our staff! Thank you for supporting the mission of the PTA to support ALL children at Lincoln.

Duties for the week:

Team: Razorbacks

1st Grade Door-Katie Brown

K Playground-Jodie Johnson

South Playground-Tonya Saporito and Lauren Fitzgerald

5th Grade Door-Melissa Kessler

After School Car and Lounge Duty-Jenny Swerdlik

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November Birthday's

Sean O'Deay-10th

Maribeth Braga-18th

Kari Jeter-20th

Cathy Salek-24th