FSES Friday Focus #4

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Dear staff,

The school year is in full swing, and you are working extremely hard to collect beginning of the year data for our students. Your collaboration and support for one another makes that possible.

Josh and I are in the process of having our SMARTR goal meetings with everyone. Before you meet with either of us, please remember to review the evaluation handbook in MyPLT, update your baseline data, and complete your self-assessment if you are on summative evaluation this year.

We are continuing to observe classroom instruction, and we are noticing that you are posting your learning targets. Remember the learning targets are an essential part of instruction, and they should be shared throughout the daily lesson, so students can use them to guide their own learning.

Thank you for another great week and enjoy your weekend!

Kathy and Josh

Required Cultural Proficiency Training

As the Fairfax County student population and community become increasingly diverse, it is critical that all FCPS employees understand the importance of cultural proficiency. To achieve that goal, all FCPS employees will be required to view four Cultural Proficiency video modules, one this fall and three in the 2017-18 school year. The first module must be viewed by the second school planning day, November 7, 2016. Listed below are links to the Cultural Proficiency Module 1 video and reflection and discussion questions for both school-based and central office staff:



After viewing the module, you are encouraged to discuss professional connections by referencing the reflection and discussion questions. There are multiple questions to choose from. Print the questions and highlight the one you discussed with your team. Teams leaders must certify that all members of their team (including IAs) have participated in the training by 11/7.

Updated Elementary Progress Report Resources

Teacher and administrator resources for the elementary progress report are currently being updated. The following resources are available at:


· Updated Curriculum Alignments by Subject and Grade-Level

· Quick Guide for Administrators

· Teacher Guidelines (formerly the Teacher Handbook)

· Updated copy of the Elementary Progress Report

Additional information will be announced as new resources are made available.

Epi Pens & Field Trips

As a reminder, teachers must keep students who have Epi Pens or medications in their group during field trips. Parents may assume responsibility for their own children, but you may not assign a child with an Epi Pen or other medication to another parent. Parents may not administer medication unless it is to their own child.

Elicit and Use Evidence of Student Thinking in Mathematics

As you plan your math instruction, is your team considering what evidence you will use to formatively and summatively assess your students' learning in math?

Read pages 53-56 at the following link. How might this information change the way your team plans assessment for math?


Staff Celebrations-Way to Go!

Thank you to Ms. Shelley for helping with various things throughout the day. You go beyond your assignment every single day. Specifically, thank you for helping tidy up my room at the end of the day. It takes a village to stack chairs and put away markers in Kindergarten! :)

Cheti - Thank you for pitching in and helping to cover lunch duty when we were short of time on Monday. Your willingness to share your time was appreciated.

Thank you Eunice for always being positive and willing to step in wherever you are needed.

Tammy Dozier, Kathleen Clark, and Ann Rajabi: Thank you for always being so helpful and willing to answer any questions for the new staff.

Staff Birthdays

Oct. 17 Cathy Jones

Oct. 20 Matt Nielsen


Oct. 17 4th Grade to Kennedy Center

Oct. 20 RI Mtg. (8:15-9:00 a.m., conference room)

Oct. 21 Green Team Mtg. (8:15-9:00 a.m., conference room)

Oct. 21 1st Grade to Ticonderoga Farms

Oct. 21 PS to pumpkin patch

Oct. 21 Chain Bridge Bank Day

We're here to make good things happen for other people!