The Weekly Surge

February 9, 2016

It's Fat Tuesday!

It's time for that Mardi Gras celebration, but did you know another popular way to celebrate Fat Tuesday is Paczki Day! It’s a Polish tradition to stuff up on paczki — donut-like treats — the day before Lent begins. There are a large population of Polish families around the Chicagoland area where the Elgin office is located, so bakeries all over will be packed with people picking up their paczki. Eat your paczkis or enjoy throwing your beads. No matter what, it's a good day to celebrate wherever you are.

Continuing their trend of holiday celebrations the Austin team acknowledges Fat Tuesday today with a King Cake.

More photos of Austin's events and Elgin's Super Bowl Lunch Party from Friday can be seen on our private Facebook Group page the TRP/HCS Water Cooler.
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Employee Spotlight For This Week

This week our employee spotlight turns to Valera Morrell in Austin, TX.

Here's what she tells us about herself:

My Role: Create & maintain items in SAP, purchasing requisitioning, and helping wherever I can.

Job Likes: People, variety and the challenges.

Outside Work: Horses, stained glass, gardening and genealogy.

Length of Employment: Since 05/16/2011

Favorite Food(s): Mexican, Southern, and most anything else.

Vanilla or Chocolate: Both.

If You Could Be A Superhero, What Super Powers Would You Want To Have:

Telepathic manipulation.
Describe Yourself In Three Words: Upbeat, positive, hard-working.

Thank you Valera Morrell, for all that you do to support the efforts of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business Team!

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Don't Forget About Joining The TRP/HCS Water Cooler On Facebook

We've got more pics to share! Please join our Private Group the TRP/HCS Water Cooler. No one outside the group can see what's shared there, it's just for us. All Elgin and Austin TRP and HCS employees are invited. Click the link to join, and our MarCom team will admit you!
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