No Dictatorship Club

Democarcy for life. Anti-Dictator

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Thursday every week

This club persists of members that have knowledge about democracy, we try to make money to support the people going through some devastating times.

DFD (Dictator free democracy)

Saturday, Jan. 24th, 12-5pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

We try to meet up on Saturdays every week.. This event is held to spread awareness about this issue. This takes places at 12:00 to 5:00 pm every Saturday.

12:00- Meet up with our friends

12:45- Socialize about important political problems

2:00- Free food, multicultural food to avoid being bias

3:00- Go out to square one malls and try fundraising money to support people in other countries

4:30- Come back to the club and hand in the money

5:00- Help close down

How will we know if the club spread awarness?

I think the club will work because if I see people talking about political problems and dictatorship, I will invite them to this event. Also I will be giving flyers around and will try to spread the message of anti dictatorship. We will also know if this club is spreading awareness/generating action if protest occur for the dictators to step down. For example, if their is a protest being held for the removal of Bashar AL Assad in Square One, we will know that we stared something. Also, we will know if this club brought awareness if we become popular and the group is doing good.

What are our Goals?

Here are some of our goals:

- Raise awareness about Dictatorship

- Create Action Such as get people to do things like protests and fundraisers

- Get attention Such as get on the media and make more people join

- Get so big. If we get so big as a club, we might get the attention of other dictators who are doing something.

- Help save people for being oppressed by the dictators.

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