Let's Look Back on 2015

By Julia Porter Period 1

Three Best Marketed Companies in 2015

1. Aerie by American Eagle - Their #AerieREAL campaign encourages girls to feel comfortable and happy in the skin they're in. Generally, when it comes to swimwear and undergarments, models are retouched to look like the epitome of beauty; however, these pictures are terribly inaccurate since most women do not look just like that. Their slogan "The real you is sexy," helps to empower women to feel beautiful just the way that they are.

2. Aéropostale - Although their Instagram has it's promotional side, they also make it very relatable by posting pictures of some of their girls on the town and spending time with their friends. It makes the connection to the viewers more personal when they are not just throwing out ads and promotions on their feed.

3. Pnina Tornai Collection - As one of the premier designers at one of the most well known bridal boutiques, Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City, Pnina promotes her products in a very personal way and speaks to her potential customers in her captions comfortably. Yes, she posts pictures of her products, but sometimes she allows her viewers to comment on which ones they like best, and she occasionally posts her outfits of the day which sometimes include articles designed by her.

Best and Worst Products of 2015


1. Microsoft Surface Tablet

  • With new touchscreen products being more and more popular, it only makes sense that more and more laptops are beginning to have the ability to have touchscreen capabilities. The Surface is more like a two-in-one laptop with a keyboard and a quick flip of the keyboard and you have yourself a tablet.
2. Windows 10
  • Windows released their new operating system for free this year! They allowed people to reserve their upgrade for the new program when it came out in July 2015. Many people who had Windows 8 on their computers were having some problems with the system, so Windows took it upon themselves to include the aspects of Windows 8 that customers like which fixing the bugs and problems that they didn't.


1. Hoverboard

  • We've all seen the videos of people struggling to maintain their balance on these contraptions and falling backwards and hitting their heads or falling into a pool. Using these machines is only taking us in the wrong direction in regards to transportation. Is it really that much easier to get on the Hoverboard to go to the store than it is to walk? Our society is so concerned with obesity and how the population is becoming more and more unhealthy, and yet these people are not even performing one of the most basic forms of exercising: walking. I guess you could say we're getting one step closer to Wall-E.
2. MacBook Pro without Retina display
  • No one wants to look at a computer screen and be able to discern the pixels. Apple has been releasing products with a Retina display for years, yet they managed to not include it on one of their newer laptops. Needless to say, the pixel density is definitely not a crowd-pleaser and Apple should really consider not downgrading screen quality.

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Top 2 Fashion Trends

1. "Athleisure"

  • Throughout 2015, the trend of not limiting athletic clothes during active scenarios soared. Girls could be spotted in athletic leggings, and guys could be found in joggers. Most athletic wear companies tried to promote the trend by showing their models in relaxing situations, such as sitting on the couch or just casually standing in front of the camera, rather than the typical exercise scene.

2. Stacked rings

  • Rings upon rings upon rings bedazzled fingers in 2015. These, typically, thin rings that came in sets were used to add a layering effect, but balancing the metal types, numbers, and designs is key. Companies marketed the trend through celebrities as they made their way down red carpets, appeared in photo shoots, and attended various events.

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Top 2 Fashion Designers

1. Marc Jacobs

  • After breaking off from Louis Vuitton to form his own line, Marc Jacobs made a surge this year with his collection Marc by Marc Jacobs. His designs were seen all over the runways and red carpets this year, his pieces becoming staples in many different outfits through many different kinds of styles.

2. Lazaro Bridal

  • After having his designs appear on Say Yes to the Dress and Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta for many seasons now, Lazaro's designs have become very popular in the bridal realm. Many of his styles I have even seen repeatedly on the show due to their popularity (i.e. Style 3108 which is a tulle ball gown). Other designs and styles continue to become more and more popular as he makes new creations and releases them. Also, Lazaro is one of those designers who has, on occasion, created custom, one-of-a-kind dress designs for brides, and I think that is something truly magical for the bride and very generous on his part.

Top 2 Musical Artists

1. Adele

  • After a four year hiatus from the radio stations, Adele made her comeback back into our hearts with full force this year. Despite being released very close to the end of the year, Adele's new album 25 raced to the top to become the best-selling album of 2015 and the fastest-selling album of the 21st century. During the first week on the market, 3.38 million copies of the album had been sold in the U.S. Let's just hope that we can get another listen to this majestic voice before another 4 years go by.

2. Melanie Martinez

  • After her debut on The Voice in 2012, Melanie Martinez has become quite a popular figure in the world of alternative pop. With the release of her album Cry Baby in August of 2015 and having one of her songs from that album be featured in American Horror Story: Freak Show, her fame has been steadily rising. She is even returning to tour for Cry Baby, going back to many of the cities that she had previously visited on her first tour.

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Top 5 TV Shows

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. The Daily Show
  4. Saturday Night Live
  5. WWE Raw

New Year's Resolutions

Personal improvement: I want to put myself first sometimes. Too much worry about other people's needs got me into some emotional trouble last year because I wasn't caring for myself first.

Family and friends: Take note of all the little things. I only have a few more years in my house I really need to take the time to enjoy my family and friends.

School and the outside world: Don't worry too much about the big exams. Yes, they are scary and intimidating, but in the end, if I relax and study, I should be just fine, even if I only get a 3 on the exam. I will still graduate.