Apple Company


Have you ever wanted a iPhone, iPod, iPad, or an Apple product? I you have that is great but there is more to Apple besides their products, Apple is a very popular company, Has a very interesting history, and so much more to Apple then what meets the eye.

Apple is one of the Biggest Technology Companys in the World

Because Apple is such a big company they have made a lot of products, 112 and growing to be exact. But there is also a lot more than that because there has been defect products that no one got because they didn't know about them and some just old.


Apple's number one product in 2013 was the iPhone and now so far in 2014 the iPhone 5s is currently the number one product. Apple is doing great as a company now, but when Apple was just starting their company they weren't so lucky. Their first computer was wooden and did not have a screen, it had an electric board though and that was about it. The first real laptop Apple made was the Powerbook 100 it is not like anything we have today, and it was really ahead of it's time when it was made. When Apple started making these laptops they made the Apple symbol upside down so it would not confuse laptop users when they tried opening it.

Before the iPods

Like I have said before apple has made lots of products but before any of the iPods were made Quick Take was the iPod for people back then, Quick take is basically like a camera put there was a very small screen and it was not touch screen. When Apple eventually made the first iPod it was not touch screen, you could only listen to music and could not play games on it, and it is the same size as the iPod touch.

Ahead of its Time

Apple had a tough time starting out but, when they did start to get the hang of things the products they made were way head of there time. Apple was one of the only technology companys to revolutionize technology, so when they came out with something new it looked like it was from the future well... back then it did, because now a days anything that was made in the 1900's looks amateur because of all the stuff they are making now.

Apple Logo

The current Apple logo and the first Apple logo are very different. The old logo is a picture of a tree with one apple on it. The current Logo is in many different colors but is still the same, An Apple with a bite out of it. All of the Apple logo colors ever made were gray, white, purple, blue, rainbow, silver, black, and basically ever color you can think of besides yellow and orange.

Apple Stores are all Different

Apple has stores all over the world. Some may be boring, Some are strange, others may have touch screen walls, and others have games you can play all day. Apple's biggest store is located in London, which is about 25,000 square feet. The smallest store is in California in a small plaza and has about 512 square feet.


Apple has come out with a lot of gadgets and applications, but one of their latest application Siri, Keeps all of your DATA for about two years. According to Apple's website, Wired, everything you have whispered into your Siri. Not only that but, Apple also has tracking devices in every one of there products so they know were you are and were you have been, you can also enable a setting on any of there products that makes it so they can not track you or you pictures.


One of Apple's first successful products, the Mac, The full name of this computer mas the Macintosh. It is called the Mac but was nothing like the Macs we have now. The Macintosh was very slow, and did not have much color, It was pretty much what you would expect from an old computer. A cool fact about Macintosh is that when they came out with this computer they basically fired Steve Jobs the creator of Apple, And renamed the company Macintosh, Steve later got the company back but all of the Macintosh CEOs were fired.


One time, Fake Apple stores in China were so convincing that even their employees thought they were real. In the Southwestern Chinese city of Kunming there were 22 fake Apple stores that were using Apples logo. They were discovered after an American wrote a blog post about one of the shops. According to the BBC blog: “Staff in the original fake shop believed they were working in a real Apple store"

I Hope you Enjoyed!

I really enjoyed this project, even though it was tough to gather enough facts, I loved it! One of my favorite parts about this project was comparing the differences of the first Apple computer and the latest Apple product. Hope you enjoyed learning about Apple!