Plumber Apprenticeship

General info

Western Idaho is located In the treasure valley and in Boise Idaho . This school matches my career perfectly because they have an apprenticeship program for plumbers.

Tuition And Fees

For a out of state student it costs 300 dollars per credit, if I was a resident it would cost me 65 dollars a credit. Its a community college so they accept everyone. So it doesn't matter how good or bad your good GPA is.

Fun things to do in Western Idaho

Some fun things to do in Idaho is to go down to the snake river and go fishing because it's some of the best fishing in the state. And also the most famous lake is Redfish lake. The locals same is beautiful.

Weather in Idaho

The weather in Idaho is a lot like the weather in grants pass other than the fog. all of the temperatures are the same. But the weather the winter is a lot different they average 8 feet of snow a year.

Paying for College

My parents set me up a college fund when i was little, and have like 10,000 dolllars in that account and my grand

My goals

My goals for my after high school plans are to get my diploma so I can go for my apprenticeship for my plumbers degree. After I get my degree then i will be able to make a living.

Volunteer Work

The volunteer work that I would do would be for mainly my apprenticeship, which is a full year of volunteer work but i get paid the last 6 months