Java Programming Lessons

Five Week Class - Meets Two Times A Week

Want to learn how to make your own apps?

With this class you'll learn everything you need to know about programming and all of the basics of making your first apps and even 2D and 3D games!

Anyone can learn!

Even those not familiar with computers can learn in the simple explanations given.

Java is a fairly easy programming language to understand, and anyone can learn with this class.

Instructed by me, Gabe Winch

This Class Is Fun For Anyone Interested In Computers

Q. How much does this class cost?

A. The class is free for the first two days. If you wish to continue, a price will be settled later, but after the trial period you must pay to attend classes.

Q. What will I learn in this class?

A. You can learn to make your own games and personal applications for pc and mac!