What are the good and bad things about droughts?

Best case

What is the best case scenario possible for your area of concern? You do not have to mow your lawn because it is just dirt. You can save water by mot having to irrigate because all of your crops are dead. Because it is hot outside and your kids want to get wet so they will wash your car. (1) What would make this best case possible? It can be caused by places not getting enough water.(2) What makes this hard to reach? When you get a lot of rain.(3)

The Worst Scenario

The worst scenario would be devastating. The worst possible scenario would be, all plants dying from not having enough water. If all the plant and crops die what will us and animals eat? Eventually all the herbivores will die and then the carnivores and omnivores will also die because, they don't have the food to live. Then what will we eat?? Eventually if it gets really hot, all the water will evaporate. But, that wont happen for a while.
(1) http://truth-out.org/news/item/14655-worse-drought-in-1000-years-could-begin-in-eight-years