Computer Science - Honours

By: Michael Liang


Computers are ubiquitous and play vital roles in business, communication, science, entertainment etc. With the expanding applications of these devices, so does the need for more computer scientists. Through this course, you will learn the principles that will help you adapt to the changing technology. You will learn how to use this computing and information technology to solve various fields in different situations in science, business, as well ones that will be faced tomorrow.

Striving for the BoCS

The Bachelor of Computer Science, which is achieved taking this course is obtainable as a four-year Honours degree with a choice of nine streams.

*Note - you can also take the unspecialized version of the course and receive a four-year Major degree.

What does the program have to offer?

The Honours Computer Science program at Carleton University is divided into 10 different streams to help you hone your skills in a particular practice. Seven of which allow you to concentrate on one important area of computer science. The remainder streams are multidisciplinary, providing possibilities to focus on areas of increasing opportunity for computer scientists. Either way, you will garner valuable proficiency in widespread of fundamentals like algorithms programming, and software programming.

Some Facts

  • The program code COD
  • The grade range is usually 78 - 82%
  • Cooperation education is available with this program
  • OSS prerequisites are MHF4U or MCV4U, plus five best 4U/M courses
  • Total allowable applicants for enrolment is 250
  • $8,980-$12,031

What Next?

After graduating, you can make up to 80K to $100K a year, working for big computer firms like IBM, Oracle, Cisco. In fact, most industries require computer specialists. Examples include financial institutions, insurance companies, etc. It is also such an international profession that you can go to all parts of the world and still be gainfully employed.