Grade Three Update

Thursday, 14th January 2016

Our Unit: How We Organise Ourselves

Our unit on marketplaces has seen grade three investigate the many different aspects of trading and money. Students have explored the different ways in which goods and services are exchanged, learnt about different market systems, and put the principles of supply and demand into practice with the ongoing Stock Market Game. Most students have demonstrated a strong understanding of the forces that underpin market activity.

Students will be given the opportunity to put their newfound business acumen to practical use as they design, develop, advertise, and finally sell a good or a service at the Grade Three Marketplace at the end of the term. These young entrepreneurs are already thinking about the ways in which they will attempt to successfully bring a product to market, and continue to refine their business plans and marketing strategies.

We appreciate the support being given to the students at home as they manufacture products in readiness for the upcoming market!


In literacy, students have been examining persuasive language and the ways in which it can be used to influence others. Students have focussed closely on the planning process that is essential to effective writing, and learnt about the wide range of techniques writers can use to persuade.

Looking at persuasive writing has linked closely with our investigation of advertising techniques, and students will demonstrate their understanding of these persuasive techniques as they design advertisements for the products they are bringing to the marketplace.


In mathematics, students are consolidating their knowledge of addition and subtraction strategies in readiness for the next big mathematical step, due to be taken after the February break: multiplication. Exploring the link between addition and multiplication will act as the bridge between the operations and so it is important that all students have a strong grasp of addition strategies before this step is taken.

Additionally, students continue to work on their money skills through the Stock Market Game. Understanding monetary transactions - especially the calculating change - is a critical skill, and we encourage you to support your child at home by practicing simple transactions.


First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2016! We very much hope you have enjoyed your holidays!

For the first two weeks back in school, we have introduced our new unit in the German classroom. We will be focussing on the aspect of fair trade. The kids have been familiarised with the topic by watching a video on child labour in the cocoa industry. To go into further detail, we have been reading a text to gather more information.

Our language focus has been on topic related vocabulary words and we have learned about key words to summarise texts. The children have shown great interest in the new topic and are eager to learn more about fair trade!

Ice Skating at Erika-Hess-Eisstadion

On Tuesday, the 5th of January, grade three made a trip to the Erika-Hess-Eisstadion. Ice skaters of all ability levels took to the rink and either practiced their established (and in many cases very impressive) skills, or courageously worked their way from panicked and shaky clutching of the side rail to independently skating across the ice without any support.

All of the students had an excellent time and despite a few bumps and bruises, none gave up and decided it was beyond them. The entire grade three team is very proud of the children for showing courage and determination in challenging themselves in this way. We would also like to thank the many parents who joined us on the trip - extra pairs of eyes are always welcome in situations like these - and a special thank you to Ms. Ivana Gruijic for having organised the trip itself!

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