Who Was First

Discovering the Americas

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Chinese Treasure Fleet

Did China Discover America?

One of the questions is, did China discover America? There are two possible ways this could have been done. The first one is the Treasure Fleet, commanded by Admiral Zheng He. He and his fleet traveled all around Indonesia, India, and as far south as Kenya. Now the questions is, did they keep going and discover the Americas 72 years before Columbus? If not, the other way China could have discovered the Americas is by simple Chinese fishing rafts being blown off-course. Then the men, seeing land in the distance, ran ashore and set foot on the Americas. There is greater evidence of this because many rafts used by Native Americans showed similar architecture to the rafts of China. If so, could China have been the first to have discovered the Americas?
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Vikings landing on Vinland

Did the Vikings Discover America?

There is a Viking tale that tells of a fleet sailing along trying to find new land. That story tells of a man named Leif Eriksson, first son of Eric the Red setting out on a great adventure with a sturdy ship and a crew of thirty-five hardy men. He sailed from Greenland in search of unexplored lands that had been sighted to the west. The first land they came across, after two days of being bashed at sea, had towering glaciers in the distance and a huge stone slab in front. They called this Helluland (stone-slab land). Second, a little further south they came across a large forested land. They named this Markland (forest land). They sailed south again where they came to an island with fine weather. They called this Vinland (wineland). This was a legend until two archaeologists explored hills in Newfoundland and found Vinland, the Viking village. So, did the Vikings discover America first?
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The Native People of the Americas

There were many indigenous tribes in the New World. Each of those tribes had different styles of art, architecture, literature, and language. Some of these tribes, like the Aztec, built great cities. The capital of the Aztec empire was Tenochtitlan. Other civilizations, like the Maya, had in-depth math and science concepts, and calendars very similar to our own. When European explorers came to these civilizations they often brought diseases, such as smallpox, with them that wiped out entire populations. Also, Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes, after seeing the great city that the Aztecs had built, declared war against the Aztecs with the help of other tribes that were under their rule. The Aztecs lost, but their city remains a great site that modern day Mexico City has been built on.