The city in the future depends on the actions we take

What is ShuntaVille?

ShuntaVille is a city that found on the outskirt of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. Europeans found ShuntaVille in 1983. ShuntaVille is located in the suburban area and about 598 647 people lives in the city. We work as hard as we can to have a city that everyone can enjoy, have health life, and safe to environment. We try to make more green spaces to make the community that is sustainable. Also, we are trying to not waste as much as we can so that it won't make impact on the environment.
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What is sustainability and why is it important?

Sustainability is when we are not being harmful to the environment or using up natural resources, and therefore supporting long-term ecological balance. Sustainability is important to the city because what we do will affect the city in the future. For example, if people in the community kept increasing the pollution, it will affect to the city in the future for sure.

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