Artificial and Natural Light

Assignment 3

What makes a photograph interesting?

Many things can help make your photographs more interesting for the viewer to look at. A few ideas that we've talked about so far are composition, vantage point, leading lines, how you use negative space and now we will talk about lighting.

Natural Light

Natural light is any light that comes from the sun. This can be direct sunlight, filtered sunlight such as through the clouds, reflected sunlight such as off of the ground, building or wall, window light or it can even be light from the moon (isn't this also reflected sunlight?).
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Artificial Light

Artificial light is any light used to make a photograph that does not come from the sun. It can be light bulbs from your house, flash from your camera, a flashlight, a neon sign, a television, computer or phone screen, candle, etc.
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For this assignment you are going to experiment with a variety of lighting situations.

  • Make at least 5 images using Natural Light
  • Make at least 5 images using Artificial Light

Use some (or all) of the following lighting conditions:

  1. window light
  2. direct sunlight
  3. diffused sunlight (cloudy day, shade, etc.)
  4. reflected sunlight (wall, building, house, etc.)
  5. Back Lighting
  6. Front Lighting
  7. Side Lighting
  8. Artificial light using a regular lamp
  9. Flashlight
  10. Candle
  11. Silhouette
  12. Dramatic Lighting
  13. Your choice

Do not use more than one, each image should show a different lighting example.

Create a contact sheet by putting all of your image thumbnails onto a word document and then choose your favorite 4 images (2 using natural light and 2 using artificial light). Upload all 4 images and your contact sheet of thumbnail images to the dropbox by Sunday, February 19th at midnight.


Don't forget to incorporate things we've been learning throughout the second semester such as:
  • Rhythm
  • Negative Space
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • Using Different Vantage Points
  • Dramatic or Interesting Lighting