School Counseling Student Resources

Student Support during Distance Learning

General Social-Emotional, Academic, and Career Websites for Students

Brain Pop and Brain Pop, Jr.: Grades K-8

These websites provide accessible learning experiences on a wide range of school subjects (science, social studies, English, math, engineering/tech, health), including social-emotional learning. Your school may have a subscription and login you can use. However, even if your school doesn’t have a subscription, you can click on “request free access” during this time if your school is closed.

  • Conflict Resolution (Brain Pop and Brain Pop, Jr.)
  • Friends (Brain Pop, Jr.)
  • Mindfulness (Brain Pop and Brain Pop, Jr.)
  • Setting Goals (Brain Pop)
  • Stress (Brain Pop)

GoNoodle: Grades K-5 and Early Middle

This website contains a host of student-centered videos that encourage families to get up and engage in physical and mindfulness activities.

Nearpod: Grades K-12

This website offers a free subscription for educators, but can be used by parents and students. It contains many interactive presentations on a variety of topics. You will need to sign up for a free subscription to access content.

  • Maya Angelou and Resilience – middle and high school students explore how the author overcame hardship in a language arts lesson
  • Stress – elementary students learn what stress is and how to handle it in a healthy way

Netsmartz Kids: Grades K-12

This website contains over 10 different videos which teach students about internet safety and internet etiquette. Games, e-books, and printables are also included on this site.

Scholastic Learn at Home: Grades K-12

Scholastic has created a free home learning program for students. The website contains 20+ days of articles, stories, videos, and learning challenges. Each planned day offers 3 hours of learning experiences that can be accessed on any device.

Second Step Emotion Management Lessons: Grades K-5

This content from the Committee for Children is well-regarded in social-emotional learning. Families can now access Second Step Emotion Management lessons for Grades K–5 on-demand, along with support materials for each lesson. All lessons are free (no login required) and feature Committee for Children staff, who also happen to be experienced teachers and counselors.

Sesame Street Breathe-Think-Do App: Grades K-3

This free app helps children work through 5 scenarios, breathe deeply, and learn to problem solve.

Sesame Street Toolkits for Families and Caregivers: Grades K-3

This website provides toolkits on almost 30 different topics, such as emergency preparation, healthy habits, resilience, support after an emergency, and even standard topics like math or science. Toolkits contain components like short videos, printables, and games.

  • Emergency Preparation – helps families to create a family emergency kit and plan, and children remember important information
  • Resilience – helps children face challenges with confidence and the ability to express themselves

Teaching Tolerance: Grades K-12

This website provides free educational resources for those who work with K-12 students. The anti-bias lessons and resources are designed to promote respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures.

Virginia Career VIEW: Grades K-8

This is a comprehensive website that serves as Virginia’s career information delivery system for all students K-8. There are hundreds of online games, activities, inventories, and printables which are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Resource Activities for Specific Topics

Learning about and Coping with COVID-19

Coronavirus: Grades 3-8

This free animated video from Brain Pop helps students learn the facts about COVID-19 and tries to help ease their minds.

Coronavirus Social Story: Created for Individuals with Autism

The Autism Educator website offers a free download for a social story that may help alleviate students’ fears and anxiety.

Exploring the New Coronavirus – A Comic Just for Kids: Grades K-5

This digital comic book published by the National Center for Youth Issues informs students about COVID-19 in a way that makes sense to them.

So You’ve Got Questions about Coronavirus: Grades 3-5

This handout from Counselor Keri explains COVID-19 to students and gives them ideas on coping with anxiety and handling the time off from school. Counselor Keri gave permission to the public to share this resource in light of current events.

The Yucky Bug: Grades K-5

This new online story by award-winning author, Julia Cook, was written to help children during the COVID-19 outbreak. It was illustrated by students and is read aloud in video format.

Learning about the Brain and Substance Awareness

Ask, Listen, Learn: Grades 4-7

This free digital alcohol abuse prevention curriculum was developed by and a team of educators. Students learn how alcohol affects the brain, about how and can complete online games and activities to test their knowledge.

  • Brain Storm – a game for coordination and speed, emphasizing the importance of a healthy brain
  • Brain Trivia – a game to play after watching the videos on the website
  • Switchin Kitchen game – students change unhealthy food choices into healthy ones

Learning about and Coping with Bullying

Stop and Stop Grades K-12

This website has information for both students and families on bullying prevention and intervention. Students have access to fact sheets, information on how to cope with various situations, and almost 15 different animated webisodes.

Learning about Grief

The Dougy Center: The National Center for Grieving Children and Families: Grades K-12

This website provides both children and teens with information and activities to cope with grief. It also contains information for families on how to support and talk to grieving youth.

Coping with Feelings of Self-Harm

Calm Harm: Grades 7-12

This app is designed to help young people resist or manage the urge to self-harm. It should be used under the guidance of a responsible adult.