By; Claudia Caldon

Systems Affected By This

Depression affects the Nervous System. What it does is it slows down the brain process and depresses it, which causes breathing and blood circulation to slow down.

Normal VS Affected

Normal Brain- When the brain is working normally, your in a good mood and your feeling unstoppable and your body is not tired

Affected Brain- When your affected by depression many bad things could happen. You could self harm or even suicide. Your breathing slows down to where you have to take little breathes and you have to take them often.

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Who Is It Most Common In

depression is most common in

  • 45-65 years of age
  • Women
  • Blacks, Hispanics, Americans, and multiple races
  • People with less than a high school education
  • Being previously married
  • If you are unemployed
  • If you have no health insurance
  • Teenagers
  • people who have been bullied before

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Depression is mostly caused by a loss of a loved one, or bullying. Bullying is a big subject when talking about teens because they don't know how to deal with it, so they just leave it alone and wait until they can't take it anymore. When teens get to the point where they can't take it anymore it leads to self harm or suicide


A doctor will determine whether a patient has major depression, dysthymia or mild, chronic depression, seasonal defective disorder, bipolar disorder. Blood tests or expensive lab tests help make a conclusive diagnosis.


You know you have depression when

  • Your not interested in anything
  • You feel like nothing
  • You think everything bad that happens is your fault
  • loss of feeling for family friends or boyfriends/girlfriends
  • Your behavior changes
  • You don't care what you look like and you don't care about your responsibilities


You can take anti-depressants and go to counseling. There isn't really a true cure for this disorder but you can get help for it.


The prognosis can be both bad and good. Some people do make it through there " dark times " while others feel there is only one way out... Suicide. a lot of people have done this because they set their minds to it and they don't let reality in or their little world out. they may call a suicide hotline but by the time they answer about half the questions they have already set up what they are planning to do, and its too late.

Personal Connection

When I was just barley 12 years old, I lost my dad. It was very unexpected. No one knew why he had did what he did. This is how I got my depression. Sometimes when I come to school, I'm happy but other times I fake a smile so nobody knows I am the weak one. I know that might be a stupid idea but it makes sense in my head. It's not very easy losing someone close to you because you feel like it was your fault. People always say keep you head high but that's not as easy as they think.

Teen Depression & Suicide