Activating Transformative Leaders in Communities and Cities

What does it mean to engage a pluralistic society?

We live in the United States, but united, now, by what? It seems that our differences are defining us and, often, dividing us. Getting a clear understanding of how the people around us see themselves is critical to engage with life giving and life changing words and actions. It is helpful to pause and realize how our society has changed and the profound affiliations and affinities around which people identify. When we can be curious about others and take strides in thinking well about how they see the world, we can advance good in our communities and culture.

Listen to Jeff Kreiser as he shares more about this subject...

Jeff Kreiser, The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society_cut1

Who is Jeff Kreiser?

Jeff Kreiser is the Director and Strategic Activator of the ACTS Group, a consultancy that is activating unified gospel initiatives in communities and cities. Jeff is a consultative strategist who is linking leaders, building teams and unifying organizations in order to accomplish goals that cannot be reached independently. Jeff is a visionary, resource builder, speaker, writer and family man.

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