Battle of Quebec

By: Chloe Muck


The Battle of Quebec was an interesting battle during the Revolutionary War. Some bad things happened. The generals for this battle lead their troops well. At least one of them was loyal, but one of them ended up being a trader! The battle itself was very brutal and many men were captured, killed, or wounded. The battle outcome was very interesting as well. In conclusion, the battle is worth reading about, so if you want to know more you have come to the right place!


If you want to learn about the generals and their backgrounds, this is the place to go! The American General was Benedict Arnold. He was shot in the leg during battle. He was a general best known for betraying his county because during the battle, he went to the British side. He sadly was a trader. He was replaced by Daniel Morgan. Arnold was born on January 14, 1741. Guy Carleton was born on September 3, 1724. He was the British General. He never betrayed his country and he stayed loyal. Both of the generals lead well.


Here are some facts about the battle. The battle started on December 31, 1775. In September of that year the Continental Army started traveling to Quebec. The weather was very cold during the battle. It got as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The battle took place in Quebec, Canada as you could have guessed. The British ended up winning the battle. This negetivly effected the Americans plan to freedom but they got it in the end.
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Battle Field


The outcome was disappointing for Americans but thrilling for the British. Here are some things you probably didn't know about the outcome. The outcome (British victory) negetivly affected the Americans plan towards freedom. Over all, 34 Americans were wounded, 48 killed, and 431 were captured. there were 14 British wounded, 5 killed, and none captured. As you can see the British won fair and square. But both sides did their best.
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The British flag hangs over the battle field


In conclusion, the Battle of Quebec was quite interesting. The generals were brave and lead the troops well. The battle was brutal but there was a victory at one point. Everyone fought well, and the outcome was a fair win for the British. Thank you for reading about the Battle of Quebec! I hope you learned a lot! This battle is very informational in many ways!
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The British Troops


General: A leader or commander of an army or a group of people

Battle: A fight or death match with two or more people or sides

Quebec: A city located in Canada with a population estimated at about 35 million people

Outcome: The end or final result of something